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Apryl Duncan

Teaching Phonics to Children

By October 1, 2011

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Teaching phonics to children sets them up for a lifelong love of reading. It's easy to rely on reciting the alphabet phonetically but there's a lot of fun to be had with phonics that breaks you and the kids out of a repetitive lesson.

A picture of a family reading together
Teaching phonics sets your children up for reading readiness.
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In my house, there's a 4 year old who's reading everything -- books, car magazines, labels on food packages. My son's not yet able to read all of the big words (think "convertible" and "polyunsaturated"). But he's working on them.

We've been having fun with our phonics lessons. We've pulled out the scissors and gone on a letter hunt. We've loaded fresh batteries into the digital camera and set off on a phonics adventure. We've filled the house with laughter during several rounds of the alphabet learning game.

There are many phonics activities for children that entertain them while getting them ready to read. I've enjoyed our one-on-one time and he now reads me the instructions from our cookbooks. Win-win!

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November 25, 2013 at 10:46 pm
(1) Daniele Wren says:

“Phonics work for most families and kids, since they engage the child actively in learning with the pronouncing of words as well as keenly involving the child in the learning process. My experience with phonics has been one of fulfillment seeing as my twins now have knowledge of pronouncing a few words since I begun teaching them at home. I add on to their learning experience resources from this great site that has most of what I need to know about their learning programs.

Daniele Wren

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