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Opening a Lemonade Stand


A picture of a child at a lemonade stand

Squeeze in practical business lessons while having fun when you open a lemonade stand with your kids.

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Opening a lemonade stand helps kids learn about business, interact with people, make money and have fun. Pour up some quality time and invaluable lessons with this great project for the whole family.

Get Ready to Start a Lemonade Stand Business

Introduce your kids to the entrepreneurial spirit. Show them what it takes to start a business. Help them understand how to run a business as you embark on the project together.

Check Government Regulations

Unfortunately, some cities don't allow kids to run lemonade stands at all, whether it's in your front yard or at a public event. Some cities require parents to buy a permit. Other cities don't have specific restrictions for kids' lemonade stands.

Check the rules in your city before your children open their lemonade stand. Unfortunately, there are kids who've learned a lesson on government regulation instead of entrepreneurship when city officials have shut down their lemonade stands or handed out hundreds of dollars in fines for operating the stand without a license.

Teach Kids About Money

A lemonade stand is a perfect way to teach your kids about money. Not only do they get to reap the rewards of the money they earn but they also get to see the price vs. cost ratio in action and make change when their customers pay. Use this as an opportunity to make math fun for your children.

At the end of the day, kids can deposit the cash into their very own checking account or a savings account for kids. Or, they can elect to donate all or a portion of their proceeds from sales to help others in need.

Choose a Lemonade Recipe

What's a great lemonade stand without delicious lemonade recipes? Serve a tasty product that leaves customers thirsty for more. Stir up a classic lemonade recipe, strawberry lemonade or lemonade with fresh mint.

Ready to branch out into selling something more than just lemonade? Put cookies on the menu. You can keep it simple by making the best no-bake cookies.

Use Lemonade Stand Printables

Your children can't sell lemonade without potential customers knowing what it is the stand is offering. Print lemonade stand signs, door hangers to advertise when the stand will be open and even coloring pages your children can color themselves to decorate their stand the way they want. Best of all, these lemonade stand printables are absolutely free.

Promote the Lemonade Stand Business

Promotion is vital to the success of any business. Walk your children through the first steps of marketing their lemonade stand.

Use low-cost ways to promote the business before and after the lemonade stand is open. Even cross-promote through partnering your kids' lemonade stand with other businesses. Not only will the lemonade stand get more customers, the kids will learn how to implement crucial business strategies to make their lemonade stand thrive.

Make a High-Tech Lemonade Stand

Ready to run a classic business model in today's world? Build a website with your kids for the lemonade stand. Use Twitter to tweet your family's updates as the lemonade stand goes through the processes of brainstorming for business name ideas to serving the first customer.

Add a Facebook business page and ask your friends and family members to hit the "like" button. Create a Facebook event to encourage patrons to pay the lemonade stand a visit during certain hours.

Follow Food Safety Regulations

Keep your customers safe. Food safety is just as important at your child's lemonade stand as it is at a restaurant. Follow the same rules as restaurants to avoid contaminating the products and making customers sick.

Some cities do require a visit from the health department before your child's lemonade stand can even open. Use this to your advantage. Boast about the high score from the lemonade stand's safety inspection when you post the report where customers can easily see it.

Open the Stand

The lemonade's ready and the permits are in place. It's time for your kids to greet their first customer. Be sure they're practicing good manners, wearing their adorable smiles and showing each customer how thankful they are for their business. While they're having fun pouring lemonade, watching the cash roll in and making friends with their new customer base, they're also learning key lessons in entrepreneurship.

Who knows? Maybe their next business idea will be worth millions!

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