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Create a Canvas for Kids

Turn Your Wall Into an Art Canvas


A boy paints on a wall canvas

Create a canvas for kids that will unleash their creativity.

Photo © Apryl Duncan
Create a canvas for kids that gives your little artists their own art studio. All you need is banner paper and tape.

Unroll three to five feet of banner paper, depending on your child's height. You want the paper to be long enough that she can paint above her head and down to her knees. The banner paper should be at least 24" wide.

Cut the paper to create your canvas. Tape the paper to the wall.

To create a wider canvas, cut another strip of banner paper the same length. Place the two pieces side by side with edges overlapping. On the backside of the paper, tape the two sheets together to make a seamless canvas for kids that's twice as wide.

For variety, switch up the direction of the banner paper. The next time you're ready to create a canvas for kids, run the banner paper horizontally to give your artists a canvas that's more wide than long.

The new canvas for your kids can be used for crayons, markers, paint or mixed media. If they'll be painting, hang the canvas vertically and leave the banner paper long enough to cover your flooring. Your children can stand on the banner paper to protect your floors from paint splatters.

Once their masterpieces are complete, use creative ideas for displaying art. When they're ready to create another fine work of art, just hang a new sheet of banner paper to give them a blank canvas.

Ready to take the project outside? Try creative outdoor painting that lets your kids get as messy at they want.

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