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Create a Dried Flower Garden

A Fun Dried Flowers Craft for Kids


A picture of a dried flower

Dried flowers are great art materials for kids' projects.

Photo © Valerie Everett / Flickr
Capture a different side of flowers. A dried flower garden is not only a beautiful way to preserve flowers forever, it's also a fun nature project for kids.

What you need to make your own 3D garden from dried flowers:

  • Air-Dried Flowers
  • Flower Pot or Window Box
  • Clay (Green or Natural Color)
  • Twigs
  • Green Paint
  • Green Construction Paper or Green Felt
  • Green Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Your first step is to dry your flowers. They must be air dried for this project.

Pressing them in a book flattens your flowers. You don't want a flat flower garden.

Air dry your flowers for a three-dimensional look to your garden. After the drying process, you'll have beautiful flowers for your 3D garden.

Paint twigs green to be the stems of your flowers. After the twigs are dry, the flower's leaves can be made from green construction paper or green felt. Glue them to the twig stems.

Your next step is to carefully glue the twig stem to the underside of the dried flower. After each one of your flowers has a twig stem, let them dry completely before "planting" them.

Place the clay in a flower pot or window box. "Plant" your flowers by pressing the twig stem into the clay. Be careful with the top of your flowers so they don't get mashed. Do this with each one of your flowers until you have a complete flower garden.

Cut the green pipe cleaners to make short blades of grass. Before the clay dries, press the pipe cleaners into the clay.

Let the clay dry before you move your flower pot or window box. That way, the twig stems will be firmly set and you can enjoy a beautiful flower garden all year long.

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