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Creative Paint Brushes

5 Items That Make Unusual Paint Brushes


A picture of painting with apples

An apple is just one of many items you can use to make a creative paint brush.

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When it comes to creativity, the more out of the box you are with your kids, the better. Grab these creative paint brushes the next time your children are ready to work on their masterpieces.

Squirt Guns

Put on old clothes and get ready for some creative outdoor painting for kids. Squirt guns are usually $1 for 3-4 per pack so they're inexpensive and easily replaceable. Grab a couple of packs so you'll have enough to load different paint colors in each squirt gun.

Thin non-toxic tempera paints and load the squirt guns. Stand back a couple of feet from the canvas and start squirting. One rule: no squirting the paint at each other!


Cars are paint brushes on wheels. The tracks they make are perfect paint brushes for kids and are neat enough that you can use them on an indoor wall canvas made of banner paper.

Cars with larger bodies work well for your toddler painters because they're much easier to hold. Just be warned that all of the paint probably will not come off of the cars so make sure your kids choose cars that aren't their favorites.


Do you have old dolls that are on their way out of your home? They can find a new purpose as paint brushes.

Make sure your kids are okay with Dolly's hair going from that gorgeous blonde to sticky blue, orange and green. The paint probably won't rinse completely out of the doll's hair so there's a good chance you'll have to throw it away when you're finished painting.


If kids can eat it, it's a creative paint brush. Of course, some foods work better than others.

Breads and fruits are easy choices. Sandwich bread gives off a sponge-like texture and fruits can be cut in half so kids can experience a variety of painting techniques.


Forks are fun paint brushes because they create four neat lines on the canvas. Instead of raiding your silverware drawer, though, buy a pack of plastic ware that just has forks so you can throw them away when you're finished.

Be sure your kids are old enough to use forks as a paint brush. Plastic forks are sharp so you don't want your younger painters to get hurt when they should be having fun.

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