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Make a Cane Fishing Pole


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Go fishing with your kids to catch a few fish and a whole lot of memories.

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Make a splash when you introduce your child to the fun of fishing. But instead of buying her first pole, make a cane fishing pole together.

Step 1: Find Your Future Cane Pole

You'll need a stick that's long and straight to make your cane pole. It should be about one to two inches in diameter.

The stick will need to have some flexibility when you pick it up. If the stick doesn't bend, it's probably too dry and will break when she catches a fish.

The length of the stick depends on the height of your child. A good rule of thumb is that the stick shouldn't be longer than your child is tall. She'll be able to better handle the pole when she casts the line as well as manage it when she pulls in the fish.

If you're in doubt, use a longer stick and let her give it a test run. If it's too difficult for her to manage, you can always shorten the stick.

Step 2: Cut the Fishing Line for Your Cane Pole

Lay your pole on the ground and measure out the line to be at least one and a half times the length of the pole. About two and a half times the length of the pole is fine if you want your child to have a longer line.

Step 3: Tie the Fishing Line to Your Cane Pole

Measure between one and two inches from the end of the stick. Wrap one end of the fishing line around this point several times.

Make sure it's tight. Tie a knot to secure the line to the stick.

Step 4: Add a Hook to Your Cane Pole

The other end of the line needs a hook. Kids love bobbers so be sure to add one of those too. Your cane fishing pole should be strong enough to support lures and weights too if you want to add those to the line.

Step 5: Bait Up and Go Fishing!

Put your bait on the hook. It's time to hit the water. Turn off your cell phone, put away the iPod and enjoy some gone fishin' time with your kids.
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