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The Thrill of Family Night at the Movies Comes Home

Follow the Script for a Family Movie Night Worthy of a Gold Statue


A Family Night at the Movies That's Affordable and Fun

A Family Night at the Movies That's Affordable and Fun

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There's something special about family night at the movies. Unfortunately, the price of four movie tickets, popcorn and small drinks will set you back at least $50.

Bring the big screen production home without the big budget. Make your family movie night an event, not just an evening parked in front of the TV.

Create Movie Tickets
Movie magic begins with an admission ticket. Have your kids create tickets for the nightly show.

They can draw popcorn and filmstrips, write the movie's title and assign seat numbers to each family member. For extra flair, gold glitter makes a sparkly movie spotlight effect.

The kitchen table is a great makeshift box office for everyone to pick up their tickets. When it's time for the movie, one of your kids can collect the tickets in the doorway.

Make Your Own Snacks
Popcorn is a snack classic at the movies but being at home gives you more options on what your family eats. You can also involve the kids in snack preparation to sneak in more quality time before the movie starts.

Moviegoers buy chocolate-covered raisins, candy bars and licorice at the theater. At home, you can make your own versions of these goodies as well as healthy alternatives.

Try making different snack recipes with your children for each family movie night. Treat your family to everything from oatmeal cookies to frozen bananas. You won't find those at the movie theaters!

Open a Concession Stand
Now that you have all your snacks ready to eat, your kids can open a concession stand. Have your family form a line while your children fill orders.

Customers can pay with play money or even hugs and kisses. Don't forget to buy snacks for your busy workers.

Usher Everyone to Their Seats
Kids love being in charge. Let them blink the lights, shine flashlights on the floor and ceiling and tell everyone it's time for the movie to start.

They can play usher and help everyone to their seats. Have your ticket handy. Ushers like to make sure you're going to the right show.

Hold Intermission
Enjoy bathroom breaks without missing part of the movie. Plan to pause the movie halfway through.

A 10-minute intermission gives everyone the chance to get the bathroom breaks out of the way and head back to the concession stand for refills. Slip in a few minutes to ask your children what they think of the movie so far.

Write Movie Reviews
Before bed, your family can talk about what they liked about the movie and what they didn't. Stretch the fun into the next day with written movie reviews.

Every family member can give the movie a star rating and write a review. Encourage your children to recreate their favorite scenes with crayons. When the reviews are in, everyone can share what they've written for even more family time together.

That's a wrap! This script for movie night at home never gets old with kids...or kids at heart.

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