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Things to Do in August with Your Family


Things to Do in August with Your Family
A picture of kids running their own business

Bring out the business tycoon in your tyke. August is National Home Business Month.

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Summer is winding down for a lot of kids. But there's still plenty to do with your family in August as you make the transition from carefree summer days to daily carpools.

Get Ready for Back to School Time
It seems like yesterday the kids were throwing their backpacks into the closet and showing you their final report cards for the year. But here we are again already. It's time to get ready for another school year. From free school supplies to sales tax holidays, there are plenty of ways to save money on back to school shopping. As you physically get ready to send your kids back to school, also prepare them to go back to school. Easing that back to school anxiety will make the first day and even the entire school year go much smoother.

American Artist Appreciation Month
Your kids don't have to be famous artists for them to be honored this month. Paint with your kids to celebrate the artiste in your house. Get creative with outdoor painting, paint with marbles and make your own finger paint. Really feeling inspired? Paint your child's bedroom together.

National Home Business Month
Bring out the kidpreneur in your child. Let National Home Business Month be their inspiration for starting their own business venture. From lemonade stands to dog walking, there are plenty of business ideas for kids that they can start today. Got a mini-Internet junkie on your hands? Put their interests to good use and help them create a website with these online business ideas for kids.

National Catfish Month
How exactly do you celebrate National Catfish Month? Go fishing with your kids! You don't need a boat or a tackle box. Just grab a rod, a bobber, hook, bait, your children and find some water. There are so many fishing kits for kids to choose from (compare prices). There's even a Barbie version!

National Golf Month
Bogey. Birdie. Par. Slice. You don't have to know all of the golf terms to have fun golfing with your kids. Take them to the green and teach them how to play. Or keep it simple and go play miniature golf.

National Inventors Month
You've probably seen children on daytime and late-night talk shows proudly showing off their inventions. Use this month to encourage your child to brainstorm for an invention. Most ideas don't come from planned thinking but it can be a fun exercise that gets your kids to look at their surroundings in a "how can I make this better" way like these kids did. Still stumped? Channel their inner mad scientist with fun science experiments for kids.

National Water Quality Month
The next time you water your children's garden or play in the rain, mention National Water Quality Month. The purpose is to raise people's awareness of protecting ground water supplies. To translate that into a kid-friendly message, talk to your children about how to go green and take the steps to do something nice for the earth today.

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