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Things to Do in July with Your Family


Things to Do in July with Your Family
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Defeat boredom during Anti-Boredom Month.

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Now that school is out, you're playing entertainment director to your kids 24/7. Easily fill your planner with fun things to do with your kids in July.

Free Summer Programs
If the kids are sitting around on the couch all day, send them off on an adventure. Find a free summer program to get your children out of the house, help them meet new friends and enjoy fun activities such as sports clinics, movies and library events.

Vacation Bible School
Free and fun. Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a children's outreach ministry that typically runs 3-4 hours a day for one week. Churches choose their own VBS dates and programs with themes such as a beach bash, the wilderness, aviation, superheroes, space, sports and the environment, to name a few. Churches hold VBS all the way up until the new school year begins.

Day Trips in the U.S.
Fill up the car and hit the road. Take a family-friendly day trip to a city near you. Visit places like zoos, water parks, museums and so much more. You'll get out of town for the day but the kids will be back in their own beds by night.

Anti-Boredom Month
Without school to attend, now is when many kids start complaining about being bored. What a perfect time to tell them it's Anti-Boredom Month. Head outside with nature activities for kids, play with bubbles, build a life-sized board game, try learning activities, create wall art or enjoy unique sponge painting fun. The word "boredom" won't even fit into your children's vocabulary this month.

National Picnic Month
Grab the blanket and the food and get ready for National Picnic Month. Plan a picnic that's simple and just for your family or turn your picnic into a party, complete with party favors, prizes and games.

National Ice Cream Month
Cool! National Ice Cream Month gives you an excuse not to count calories. Take the kids out for ice cream or make your own ice cream at home. Turn your ice cream fun into a science experiment for your children when you make ice cream in a baggie.

National Blueberry Month
Celebrate everything blueberry this month. Eat blueberry muffins, blueberry cobbler, blueberry waffles, blueberry smoothies and many other types of blueberry recipes.

National Baked Bean Month
Baked beans are usually a vegetable you can get your kids to eat. During National Baked Bean Month, head to the kitchen and make up a batch with your kids. From beans made in the crockpot to beans loaded with extra molasses to make them super-sweet, cook up some baked beans recipes to spend quality time with your kids in the kitchen.

National Hot Dog Month
Hot diggity dog! It's all about the hot dog this month so entertain the kids and feed them too with a hot dog octopus, pretzel dogs, hot dog soup or make a beans and hot dogs casserole recipe to tie in both National Hot Dog Month and National Baked Bean Month. Just remember. Hot dogs are on the list of foods that are choking hazards so be sure you cut the hot dogs into chunks that are no more than half an inch large. Or, simply skip the hot dog eating and watch others scarf them down during the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, which takes place every July 4.

National Park and Recreation Month
National Park and Recreation Month encourages people to enjoy everything from community pools to Mother Nature’s backyard. Camp with your family, go swimming or take a hike with your family. The goal is to get out and enjoy everything related to parks and recreation.

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