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Creative Outdoor Painting for Kids


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Outdoor Painting on a Huge Canvas
Fun for Them, Relaxing Time for You

Fun for Them, Relaxing Time for You

Photo © Apryl Duncan
Bring out your child's inner artiste on a huge outdoor canvas that gives them creative freedom to roam. It's a fun project that keeps the kids busy and gives you time to sit back and watch.

This outdoor painting project easily adapts to your needs. For one child, you can make the canvas shorter. For more than one child, make the canvas longer. It's ideal for play dates because moms can sit and chat close by while the kids paint together to create a work of art.

Before you get started:

This project is perfect for kids two and up. Setup requires cutting with scissors, taping or pinning the banner in place and pouring the paints. Once an adult gets everything ready, children can finish the project on their own.

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