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Fall Fun for Kids of All Ages

10 Ways to Entertain the Whole Family


Say "goodbye" to summer and "hello" to fall fun for kids of all ages. The change of seasons can be bittersweet with the departure of warm weather. But the cooler temperatures of fall bring a new batch of fun activities for your family with them.

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1. Start a Tradition

Start a movie night tradition with your family
Photo © David Buffington / Getty Images
Family traditions are handed down from generation to generation and can give your kids memories they'll share with their own children. Start a new tradition that gets your family excited as fall arrives. Take a quick vacation before school starts. Throw an end of the summer party. Make every Saturday family movie night at home during the fall and winter months. Whatever idea you decide upon, keep the tradition alive every year.

2. Play in the Leaves

Kids play in the leaves
Photo © lecates / Flickr
The family's raked all the leaves into pretty little piles. Get a running start and jump in. Playing in the leaves is one of those childhood memories even we big kids like to relive. After you get the leaves out of your hair, save some as a memento. Use them and pictures of your fun day to create a fall scrapbook page.

3. Plant a Garden

A girl holds vegetables from her garden
Photo © goody2230 / stock.xchng
As the long sleeves come out of our closets, it's easy to forget we can plant a garden with kids in the fall. Tulip, iris and daffodil bulbs are ideal for fall planting. For instant beauty in your garden, certain flowers thrive in fall to give the kids plenty of eye candy until the bulbs they planted pop out of the ground next spring. And to persuade the kids to eat their veggies, plant everything from carrots to cucumbers with your children before the first hard freeze.

4. Join a Charity Walk

A boy participates in a charity walk
Photo © Apryl Duncan
Fall is the perfect time to get involved in charity walks. Even if you only walk for charity once a year, you're teaching the kids about important causes and showing them how to help others. Be sure to bring the stroller along for the younger kids if you plan to walk a long distance. But even if you choose not to walk, attending the pre-walk festivities is an excellent lesson in showing your kids how to support other families.

5. Sign Up for Fall Sports and Classes

Kids play team football
Photo © jdanvers / Flickr
The change of seasons means a change in your kids' extracurricular activities lineup. Register for fall sports and classes early to guarantee your child a slot. Football, basketball and field hockey are a few of the sports that start taking sign ups in the fall. New art, dance, swimming, computer and music classes for kids are some of the classes forming outside of school too.

6. Attend College and High School Games

A family cheers on their team
Photo © John Rowley / Getty Images
Grab the seat cushions and some quarters for hot cocoa at the concession stand. Going to a college or high school game supports your local schools and gets the family out of the house. Forget that you're not watching the bigwigs who make millions play the game. The kids will have as much fun huddled up under the blankets in the bleachers with you watching the local team as they would if you'd paid for the pricey tickets to see the pros.

7. Learn Through Theme Days

A mom teaches her child through play
Photo © SW Productions / Getty Images
Fall is full of special days that help you teach the kids while having fun at the same time. Learning fire safety tips during October's Fire Prevention Week is easy without being scary, thanks to fire safety-related crafts and projects. As you approach November elections, kids can learn about patriotism with election-themed printables or through making their own patriotic crafts. Or look for everyday learning activities to try in the fall, such as exploring world cultures or simply creating a website with your kids to give you one-on-one time with them.

8. Create Fall Crafts

A girl shows off her fall craft
Photo © terren in Virginia / Flickr
Fall is a gorgeous season and your children's crafts can reflect its beauty. The botany behind leaves changing color opens up the door to make leaf art, a leaf rubbing or other creative leaf projects. And you won't be short on crafts for Halloween, such as the ghost and pumpkin tree or the ghostly candy bag. For Thanksgiving crafts that keep the kids busy, a turkey handprint keepsake or festive tablecloth lets you and your children work together to create something unique for the holiday.

9. Shop for Back to School Supplies

A mom and her daughter shop for back to school supplies
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The notebooks are full of scribbles. Pens are out of ink. Last year's latest fashion craze hasn't left your son or daughter's closet in months. Grab the school supplies list and start shopping for a new school year. Let the kids help pick and choose the look of the upcoming year's gear they'll be toting to school.

But back to school shopping doesn't have to drain your bank account. You can also shop tax free to save more money. Several states have tax free holidays, so even if your state doesn't hold a tax free event, hopping to a neighboring state may just be worth your while.

10. Buy Spring and Summer Clothes

A mom and daughter shop for summer clothes
Photo © Getty Images
Retailers need the floor space to sell winter clothes, so they have to clear out the tank tops and shorts. Find next spring and summer's wardrobe marked down so low, your wallet can't refuse. Hit the stores at the right time and you could walk away with clothes discounted up to 90%.

Another money-saving shopping alternative is to hit the consignment shops. Gently-worn clothing can cost you pennies on the dollar compared to what the original owner paid. And the clothes are usually in such good condition, the only people who will know your child's clothing has been used are the ones you tell.

Take your future fashionista out to lunch or a movie after your mini shopping spree. With the money you saved, you both deserve a treat.
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