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Indoor Activities for Kids

10 Surefire Ways to Have Fun Indoors


Indoor activities for kids can easily translate into a day spent watching cartoons or playing video games. Keep the kids from climbing the walls with indoor activities that challenge their creativity, teach them something new and are a downright good time for all of you.

1. Create Wall Art

Boy painting on wall
Guido Mieth/Moment/Getty Images
Your wall is the perfect easel for artists in training. Of course, you're not quite ready to let the kids scribble all over the wallpaper. Hang large sheets of banner paper vertically or horizontally to make a giant wall canvas that just begs to be painted or colored.

2. Play Indoor Hopscotch

A boy plays indoor hopscotch
Photo © Apryl Duncan
Who says you can't play this classic game indoors? Grab a roll of masking tape or painter's tape to lay out your hopscotch design. A lightweight toy can be used as your marker. Kids will have a hopping good time with no sunshine required.

3. Fly Away

A boy and his stuffed animals play airplane
Photo © Apryl Duncan
Turn an afternoon in your living room into an exotic excursion. Let the kids choose their destination and pack their bags. Then it's off to your at-home airport for the full airline experience ... security screening, snacks and take-off included.

4. Try Learning Activities

A boy sorts pom poms by color
Photo © Apryl Duncan
Sneak in some learning time with activities that break up boring days sitting at a desk. Whether you're teaching your kids colors, how to write, count or you're preparing them for a big test, they won't be complaining about having long study periods. In fact, they won't suspect they're studying at all.

5. Build a Life-Sized Board Game

A boy plays a life-sized board game
Photo © Apryl Duncan
There's nothing wrong with sitting around the table and playing board games. However, you can bring those board games to life for the kids. Use toys from around the house and your imagination to create an amazing adventure that redefines the words "game day."

6. Make Your Own Superhero

A picture of a superhero
Photo © julosstock / stock.xchng
She's able to leap over a group of babies in a single bound. She's armed with motor oil and a balloon. It's Super Cool Mommy, defender of children and tomato sauce. There's no limit to the types of wacky superheroes you can make with your kids. Grab a popsicle stick, glue, scissors and old magazines, and start saving the world from bad guys today.

7. Write Picture Stories

A girl writes on paper
Photo © weliton / stock.xchng
Inspire creativity. Pick a picture online, in a book or from a magazine. Encourage your child to write a story based on the picture. Join the fun, and write your own story. For children too small to write, let them tell you their version of what's happening in the picture while you write it down.

8. Turn Your House Into a Movie Theater

A family watches a movie
Photo © David Buffington / Getty Images
You could park the kids on the couch and turn on the TV. But where's the fun in that? The best movie theater in the world is right in your own home. Make movie tickets, open a concession stand and write reviews of the special feature. When it comes to entertainment, Hollywood's got nothing on your family.

9. Design a Kid-Friendly Website

A mom and daughter are on the computer
Photo © Nancy Ney / Getty Images
Kids are usually more tech savvy than their parents. Put those computer skills to good use. Create a website with your children so they can showcase their hobbies and interests. Even if you don't know the first thing about website design, you can have their site up in no time. Who knows? Your child might teach you something new!

10. Explore Cultures of the World

A picture of a group of women
Photo © mckaysavage / Flickr
It's a great big world out there and kids are eager to learn about it. Simple lessons in other cultures don't have to be limited to textbook studies, though. From foods people eat in other countries to understanding different customs, your explorations will lead to a wealth of knowledge. You'll also fill your passport with good memories as your family wears sombreros during taco night, sips tea as you talk about Big Ben or your preschooler learns how to greet her friends in Chinese.
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