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Seasonal Activities for Kids

Parents Share Their Favorite Seasonal Activities for Kids


Keep the kids' fun meter in the green 365 days a year. Families share their favorite seasonal activities for kids that have you covered in winter, spring, summer and fall.

Seasonal Activities: Winter

A child holds a snowball
Photo © bjearwicke / stock.xchng
Spending more time indoors these days? Don't let your kids camp in front of the TV all winter. Find the best winter activities that ward off cabin fever and keep them from climbing the walls.

Seasonal Activities: Spring

A girl flies a kite
Photo © jnmontario / stock.xchng
As the snow melts and warm temperatures start poking through the clouds, kids are ready to ditch their parkas. Get them excited about the spring season with activities that encourage all of you to take a breath of fresh air.

Seasonal Activities: Summer

Kids canoe as one of their favorite seasonal activities in summer
Photo © Camp Warren / Flickr
The great outdoors awaits! No more jackets. No more long pants. It's time to get out and play, make memories and take advantage of longer days.

Seasonal Activities: Fall

Kids play in the leaves as one of their seasonal activities for fall
Photo © lecates / Flickr
The leaves are starting to fall and one thing is clear: winter is on its way. Pack in some fall fun that will have the kids welcoming the change of seasons.
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