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Spring Break Fun

12 Activities to Beat Boredom During Spring Break


Not going on vacation during Spring Break? No problem. Show the kids how to have fun during Spring Break with activities all of you can enjoy right in your own backyard.

1. Blow Bubbles

Child blowing bubbles.
Photo and Co/Photolibrary/Getty Images
The sunshine is back so break out the bubbles. Those magical spheres can entertain children for hours. Make your own bubbles recipes at home and throw a bubble party to get the most out of your bubble-blowing fun during Spring Break.

2. Enjoy Nature Activities

A picture of kids in a tent
Photo © bobrpics / Flickr
Now that you can actually go outside without having to wear a snowsuit, enjoy some of the new life nature is sharing with us. Play games outside, go on a treasure hunt or rough it in the backyard. There are so many nature activities for kids that will turn them off of their electronic gadgets and turn them on to the great outdoors.

3. Fly Somewhere Special in Your Living Room

A picture of a child playing airplane
Photo © Apryl Duncan
Not jetting off for a week-long getaway today? That's okay. Go anywhere you want in the world without ever leaving home. Play airplane with your children and simulate a flight to your own tropical destination. Or go somewhere cold. The destination is completely up to your kids. If they want to go visit Santa at the North Pole, pack your parka and go!

4. Read Outdoors

A picture of children reading outdoors
Photo © mexikids / stock.xchng
Grab the books and head outside. Plan an afternoon reading picnic during Spring Break. Spread a blanket in the grass. Take a few books outdoors and bring the pages to life to turn your kids into book lovers. Read to each other. Flip through picture books. What matters most is the quality time you spend showing your kids the importance of sitting down with a good book.

5. Take a Day Trip

A picture of a girl in her car seat
Photo © Siri Stafford / Getty Images
Jump in the car and take a quick road trip. Spend the day visiting a nearby city to break up Spring Break. With 50 states of kid-friendly attractions to look through, your family will have a hard time narrowing your choices. Or you can really be adventurous and write down each attraction you would like to visit on a piece of paper. Throw the papers in a hat and draw one.

6. Plant Spring Flowers

A picture of a mother and daughter planting flowers
Photo © CraigPJ / stock.xchng
The ground has thawed and that barren patch of dirt is practically begging for some color. Plant spring flowers with your children during their time off from school. Take them to the nursery and let them choose some of the flowers for your spring garden. Grow memories with your children as you get dirty and talk about the various flowers you're planting together. There are plenty of fun gardening projects for kids, regardless of their ages.

7. Share Your Love of Music

A picture of a girl with headphones on
Photo © Jam Photography / Getty Images
How often have you heard an old song and it instantly transported you to another time and place? Imprint those same music-loving memories on your children. Share a variety of music with them by listening to various songs together, swapping stories and bringing the music to life with fun music activities.

8. Host a Family Movie Night

A picture of a fammily watching a movie
Photo © David Buffington / Getty Images
After a busy day of play, end your evening with a family movie night. But this isn't any ordinary family movie night. Tonight, you're turning your house into a movie theater, complete with a concession stand, homemade movie tickets and movie reviews after the show is over.

9. Visit Children's Museums and Theaters for Free

A picture of a girl at a children's museum
Photo © Smart Destinations / Flickr
There's plenty of free Spring Break fun to be had at children's museums, theaters and art museums. Many are even free. Target Free Days is a year-round program that gives parents and their kids free or discounted admission to thousands of family-friendly venues. So not only do kids get to spend a day burning off that bottled up energy, you may not even have to pay a dime for it.

10. Stay Busy on Rainy Days

A picture of a child painting indoors
Photo © Apryl Duncan
Those unpredictable spring showers can put a damper on your outdoor plans during Spring Break. Have a back-up plan in place with indoor activities to keep kids busy. They can make wall art, play indoor games, engage in creative writing activities and so much more.

11. Start Your Own Easter Traditions

A picture of Easter baskets
Photo © {just jennifer} / Flickr
Spring Break is an excellent time to get ready for the upcoming Easter holiday. Start your own Easter traditions and revisit those traditions every Spring Break. From baking Easter goodies to preparing Easter baskets together, there are so many ways to kick off your Easter celebration early.

12. Create Spring Crafts

A picture of a mom and daughter painting together
Photo © Comstock Images / Getty Images
Break out the pastel paint colors. Get crafty with projects that usher in springtime. Backyard crafts, flower crafts, garden crafts and even crafts that encourage critters to come visit are just a few of the projects you and your children can create together.
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