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10 Ideas for Grandparents Gifts

Help Kids Give Their Grandparents Gifts That Grandma and Grandpa Will Love


When children give their grandparents gifts, it's a treasured moment for everyone. From homemade gifts to fun outings with your children, these 10 gift ideas are perfect for holidays, birthdays and those "just because your children love them" days.

1. Music Classes

Music Classes as Grandparents Gifts
Photo © teddyb / Flickr
If your children's grandparents live close by, give them the gift of music classes with your kids. Grandparents should be fairly active so they can sit on the floor, dance around and act silly. Classes usually last about 45 minutes once a week and parent or grandparent participation is encouraged in most classes. Grandma and/or grandpa can count on that special time with your children each week and you get some free time for yourself too.

2. "Love" Photo Collage

Photo Collage as Grandparents Gifts
Photo © Apryl Duncan
Kids can't go wrong when they give their grandparents photo gifts. About.com Grandparents Guide Susan Adcox ranks family photos number one on her Grandparents Day gift list. The "I Love You" photo collage is a unique photo gift you can create right at home. All you need is a camera and your kids to make a beautiful, fun photo collage. Grandma and grandpa will beam when they see your kids have spelled "We Love Our Grandparents" through photos. Have extra time? Make an "I Love Grandma" and "I Love Grandpa" photo collage for each one of your children's grandparents instead.

3. "I Ruff You" Dog

Foam Crafts as Grandparents Gifts
Photo © Apryl Duncan
Grandparents love handmade gifts as much as children love to craft them. The "I Ruff You" dog is an easy foam craft that's also cute and fun to put together. The dog is made up of heart shapes from ears to paws. He holds one big red heart for your kids to write a special message to their grandparents. Attach a string or magnet to the back and you have an adorable gift grandparents will cherish.

4. Home Cooking

Meals are Great Grandparents Gifts
Photo © bucklava / Flickr
Grandma and grandpa have spent their fair share of time in the kitchen. Give them a break and take them a home cooked meal you and the kids prepare together. Double the recipe to give them enough to eat for a few days or make a frozen casserole recipe they can store in their freezer. Don't forget desserts you can freeze too!

5. Chocolate Gift Box

Chocolate Gift Box
Photo © Elizabeth LaBau / About.com
Pretty things come in pretty boxes but sometimes you get to eat the boxes too. Grandparents with a sweet tooth will savor an edible gift box made from chocolate. Get the kids involved to make chocolate-dipped pretzels, caramel popcorn or chocolate spoons to go along with the chocolate box. For a sugar-free alternative, try a chocolate peanut butter fudge recipe.

6. Garden Stepping Stones

Handprint in a Stepping Stone
Photo © Mrs. Gemstone / Flickr
Stepping stones are a craft kids can make with their grandparents. Children get to mix non-toxic cement, pour it into the container and set their handprints or footprints side-by-side with grandma and grandpa's handprints. Everyone can scribble their names into the cement and decorate the stone with jewels, glasses and rocks. Many types of affordable kits are available that will provide a lasting gift grandparents can put in their garden or display in their home.

7. Flowering Houseplants

Flowering houseplants are great grandparents gifts
Photo © chrisbb@prodigy.net / Flickr
Flowers are a wonderful gift to receive. After a couple of days, though, they start to wither and you're eventually left with a bouquet of dried up trash. A flowering houseplant gives grandparents the best of both worlds -- beautiful and long-lasting flowers. Only give this gift if grandma and grandpa actually like to take care of plants. Grandparents who are nature lovers may also like the gift of family time when they plant a garden with your children or play with your kids in the great outdoors.

8. Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are fun gifts
Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
A digital photo frame is a wonderful gift because you can load a huge collection of family photos into one small space. Frames can come with a range of goodies like transitional effects between pictures and a remote control. Even if your kids have tech-savvy grandparents, do them a favor and transfer the pictures to the new frame before giving it to grandma and grandpa. They'll appreciate the gift more if you handle the responsibility of connecting the frame to the computer and adding the pictures for them.

9. Digital Voice Recorder

Digital voice recorder
Photo Courtesy PriceGrabber
Grandparents who aren't afraid to try something new may be surprised when they fall in love with a digital voice recorder. These gifts are both practical and fun. Grandparents can record conversations with their grandkids and then hear their voices long after the visit is over. Many digital voice recorders have several folders to separate recordings. One folder can store a grocery list, others can hold To-Do lists, appointments and reminders. Some digital voice recorders can be hooked up to a computer so messages can be saved and shared. This makes the gift one for your family as well so children can always listen to their grandparents' voices too.

10. Spa Gift Certificate

Spa Gifts are a Fun Indulgence
Photo © thomaswanhoff / Flickr
Grandmothers and grandfathers need pampering too! Choose a spa gift certificate that lets them decide which services they want to indulge in. A massage, soaking and just spending time out of the house is a relaxation gift they may never enjoy if you don't nudge them with a spa gift certificate. If money allows and your children are old enough, the gift certificate can include a spa day for all of them. This way, grandparents can spend time with some of their favorite people and you get an afternoon to yourself.
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