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You help feed your family, get them where they need to go and teach the kids everything from how to tie their shoes to saying please and thank you. Now get some help for yourself. You deserve it!
  1. Making the Transition
  2. You Time
  3. Grown Up Time
  1. Health and Happiness
  2. Child Care
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Making the Transition

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Just thinking about leaving the workforce can be more intimidating than staring down board directors at a shareholders meeting. Before you trade in the hectic pace at the office for the non-stop days of child chasing, weigh the pros and cons to make a decision that's right for your family.

You Time

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You're the vehicle that keeps your family running. If the vehicle breaks down, the family's stranded. Taking good care of them begins with taking good care of yourself.

Grown Up Time

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Take a break from playing dress up and do it for real. Every mom needs a night with her girlfriends and some alone time with her spouse. Spend a few hours without the kids around and you'll be counting down the minutes until you can sing the alphabet song or make mud pies again!

Health and Happiness

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How many times have you had a complete conversation with yourself because another adult isn't around? Being a stay-at-home mom doesn't leave you many opportunities to quote Tolstoy. You have to work at maintaining your health and happiness when you're surrounded by tiny people who speak in three word sentences.

Child Care

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You're with your children most of the time, which can make you feel nervous and even guilty when you need to leave your kids with someone else. Research your options to find the best child care provider who suits your needs.

Earning Money

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Bringing in some extra cash can ease some of the financial strain of living off one income while raising a family. You might miss the work atmosphere or want to earn the family's vacation money each year. Whatever your reasons or hours of availability, there are many opportunities you can tap into to bring in the bucks.

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