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Creative Activities for Kids


Let's get creative! Try creative activities for kids that encourage them to take their imaginations to new heights.

Start a Newspaper

A picture of a boy with his dog and newspapers
Photo © Dennis Hallinan / Getty Images
This creative activity can be as simple or elaborate as you want. You can help your children start a newspaper for your neighborhood, their sports team or your family, to name a few ideas. A newspaper is one of those creative activities for kids that's getting lost in the days of tablets, mobile phones and other gadgets. Invigorate your children with a love of digging for news and reporting on it. While doing so, they'll become better thinkers, writers and creatives.

Build a Website

A picture of a mom and daughter building a website
Photo © Nancy Ney / Getty Images
It may sound like an ambitious activity if you don't know the first thing about website design. But building a website with your kids is very easy with today's online tools. Before you start building a site with your kids, come up with a plan. Think of everything from the topics your child would like to cover on their site to the site's design. There are plenty of free web hosting sites that also offer design templates. Your child's site can be up and running quickly.

Create a Superhero

A picture of magazines in a stack
Photo © bravenewtraveler / Flickr
Even kryptonite can't stop your children's imaginations with this creative activity. All you need are some old magazines, scissors and glue to create superheroes even Spiderman and Wonder Woman can't compete with on their best days. Of course, these aren't your typical superheroes. Watch as your child creates a Supermom with super-sized sunglasses who can hold an orange juice carton in one hand and a giant laptop in the other while riding in her superhero cat mobile.

Write Picture Stories

A picture of a girl writing
Photo © weliton / stock.xchng
Any picture can be great inspiration for the next Great American Short Story. Flip through old photo albums or magazines and let your kids pick any picture that inspires them. Now they're ready to create their own stories that come to mind based on that picture. For some silly writing fun, encourage them to write a picture story from the wacky superhero they created in the activity above.

Discover Sounds

A picture of a child listening to an animal
Photo © Mihnea™ / Flickr
The sound of someone hitting a tennis ball. The clatter of dishes in a noisy restaurant. There are so many sounds to discover. This is a creative activity you can adapt to any age. For younger children, help them record basic sounds with a tape recorder. The fun of recording and playing back the sounds of everything from water running to the family dog barking keeps them interested and piques their curiosity. For older children, the game can be more of a challenge when one of you records sounds alone and the others have to guess what those sounds are when the recordings are finished.
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