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Reading Fun for Kids

10 Page-Turning Ways to Get Your Children to Love Books


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Help bring your kids' favorite books to life to encourage a love of reading.

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Make reading fun for kids. Bring their favorite books and characters to life and watch them grow into avid readers.

Dress Like Characters from the Book

Not only is it fun to read about fairy princesses and superheroes, it's also fun to dress like them. Play dress up, mom and dad included, with all of you dressing like characters from the book you're reading.

Look for costume ideas around your house. Reading Little Red Riding Hood? Your child can wear a red blanket as her hood and dad can wrap up in gray towels secured by his belts for a homemade big bad wolf.

Act Out the Book

Kids love repetition and you'll often find they want you to read the same book to them. Now that you're all dressed up like characters from a book, act out the story.

Clear the living room for a makeshift stage. It's okay if their production isn't the exact story you've been reading night after night. Let their imaginations run wild to see how they interpret the story.

Take Turns Reading

Curl up on the couch with your kids and a good book. Beginning readers love to take part in reading but they're not quite ready to tackle all of the words just yet. Take turns reading.

Let her read the words she knows and you read the ones she doesn't. Go slow and point to the big words so she can learn something new while she reads. This is just one activity that helps her to learn how to read.

If your kids are older, just alternate readers. You read a page and then she reads a page. This interactive exercise engages everyone.

Tell a Story Through Pictures Only

Couple the love of reading with an art activity. Use paint, markers or crayons to recreate the story through pictures.

Since words aren't required, this is a great activity for younger children. They'll use memory skills to recall the story and creativity to transform the book's words into beautiful pictures.

Be a Character for the Day

Write character names on a piece of paper. They don't even have to be from the same books.

Everyone draws a name and that's the character they have to play for an entire day. You may get funny stares at the grocery store as you carry your umbrella and speak in a British accent, Mary Poppins, but you can't break character no matter what you have to do today.

Build a Book Nook

Make books prominent stars in your home. Create a reading space that's a special getaway for your kids.

A book nook can be a corner of the room with books placed in a basket. It can be a fort made with chairs and a blanket that you both can sneak into to read together.

Your children's book nook can be any area of your home that's just for books. It's simply a quiet place for kids to go and escape within the pages.

Go Under the Covers

Remember hiding under your covers with a flashlight to read your favorite book after you were supposed to be asleep? Relive your childhood with your own kids.

Curl up in the bed, grab the flashlight and read books with them under the blankets. It doesn't even have to be nighttime!

Write Your Own Book

Kids are master storytellers. Put their imaginations to work when you write a book together.

Use art supplies to color or paint the pictures and hand write the words to your story. Or make a story from pictures your child takes with a digital camera.

Type the words to your story and print them onto scrapbook paper. Then attach the pictures to the scrapbook pages to make your own book.

Visit the Library Every Week

Most libraries allow any child, even a baby, to get a library card. Go to the library every week to freshen up your child's personal reading list at home.

Only check out a few books at a time so you can read the ones you're getting several times during the week. Let her pick out the books she wants to read and make sure she takes her new library card with her. Another advantage to your weekly visits is that you'll get advance notice of special events, storytimes and and other fun activities that encourage your child to read.

Make Reading a Daily Activity

Reading isn't just a hobby. It's a part of our daily lives. Set aside time every day for reading.

This block of your day can include time for you to read with your children but it can also include independent reading time so you can scan the newspaper while she flips through picture books.

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