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Phonics Lesson for Kids

Turn Your Phonics Lesson Into a Creative Activity


A picture of the letter b

Try a fun phonics lesson with your kids.

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Hide a phonics lesson inside a fun learning activity. You don't need a fancy phonics program. Just grab some construction paper, a marker, scissors, a glue stick and old catalogs and magazines.

Start your phonics lesson by picking a letter. Use your marker to write a big letter on a piece of construction paper.

Another option is to type the letter in large font in a word processing program and then print it out. Whether you write the letter by hand or use your computer, be sure the letter doesn't take up the whole page.

Focus on one letter at a time so your child's not overwhelmed. Reinforce the letter and it's phonetic sound. For example, say, "B" and then "buh."

Now let your child flip through your magazines and catalogs to find anything that begins with the letter B. Cut the pictures out of the pages.

Go through the entire magazine or catalog to look for every item that fits your phonics lesson. He may have cutouts of a boy, baby, bathing suit, basket, bandages, boots, box and beads when he's finished flipping through the catalog or magazine.

Get out the glue stick. Let your child glue the cutouts to the construction paper with the letter B on it. He can choose where he wants the cutouts to go on the page. There's no right or wrong way.

As he glues each item onto the paper, say its name and reinforce the phonetic sound. "B" is for boy. "B. Buh. Boy." This brings your phonics lesson to life and connects a visual with the sound the letter makes. In this case, a picture of a boy is associated with the letter B and the sound "buh."

Review the letter before moving on to the next one in the alphabet. Ask your child to identify the letter first. Then randomly point to each item on the page and ask him to name each one.

Work your way through the entire alphabet. Keep each page you complete to use as a flash card.

Best for ages: 3-6

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