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Music Activities With Kids

5 Ways to Teach Your Children the Love of Music


Strike up the band! Try music activities with kids that develop their creative talents and enrich their love of learning.

1. Music Classes

A picture of a baby in a music class
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Tap your child's musical genius or at least have fun trying. With music classes designed for both of you, you'll sing, dance, play instruments, rock your child, clap your hands and more. Newborns can begin their musical journey in age-appropriate classes. Other classes cater to toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children.

2. Share Music with Kids

A picture of a girl listening to music
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Shuffle your kids' playlists. Expose them to music they've never heard. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends all get to play along in this music activity that teaches kids about a variety of music, the musicians and the history behind the music genres. Besides knowing you're bringing your kids an enriching musical experience, there's something in it for you too. Two words: theme night.

3. Make Your Own Music Instruments

A picture of a child with homemade musical instruments
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March to the beat of a homemade drum or rock out with a shoe box guitar. You only need a few household items to make your own musical instruments. As you introduce your kids to musical instruments, teach them about each instrument. Take the learning one step further by listening to music that features their new instruments and quiz them on what they've heard.

4. Play Musical Games

A picture of a dad and son playing musical games
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Get up and get moving. Enjoy musical games for kids that show them how to have fun while developing a love of music. Dance, sing, jump, freeze and more, all with the goal of building your child's musical talents. As an added bonus, music games burn off that bottled up kid energy!

5. Enroll in Formal Musical Training

A picture of a girl playing a piano at a recital
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Are you raising a musical genius who's just 3 years old? Do you simply want an after-school activity for your 10 year old? As your child's interest in music grows, you'll be wondering when you should enroll him in formal musical training. There are several factors to consider as you decide what age is best to sign up for formal music lessons, with many of them based on each individual child.
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