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Sonic Kids' Meals

Items from the Kids' Menu with the Lowest and Highest Calories and Fat


Sonic kids' meals are called Wacky Packs and include an entree, side, drink and toy. Pick a Jr. burger, grilled cheese sandwich, chicken strips or a corn dog as an entree.

Side item selections are fries, tots, a fresh banana or apple slices with fat-free caramel dipping sauce. Drink choices are 1% milk, 1% low-fat chocolate milk, soft drinks or slushes.

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Navigating Sonic's Nutrition Info

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Sonic's website is one of the easiest to navigate if you're looking for nutritional information. Click "Menu & Nutrition" and then the "Nutritional Calculator" button to build your kids' meals.

You can then select the entree, side and drink off of the kids' menu to see exactly what's in your kids' food. This way, you can find out the nutritional values on everything, all the way down to the ketchup on the hamburger.

The information below lists the Sonic kids' meals with the highest and lowest calories and fat grams.

Sonic Kids' Meal Selection - Lowest in Calories and Fat Grams

• Chicken Strips
200 Calories
11 Fat Grams

• Apple Slices
35 Calories
0 Fat Grams

• Caramel Dip
75 Calories
0 Fat Grams

• Low Fat Milk
110 Calories
2.5 Fat Grams

Meal Total
420 Calories
13.5 Fat Grams

Sonic Kids' Meal Selection - Highest in Calories and Fat Grams

• Grilled Cheese
380 Calories
20 Fat Grams

• Fries
200 Calories
8 Fat Grams

• Lemon-Berry Real Fruit Slush
180 Calories
0 Fat Grams

Meal Total
760 Calories
28 Fat Grams

Source: Sonic
Data last verified: August 22, 2011

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Disclaimer: The information on this page is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to provide nutritional recommendations. See the restaurant's menu for complete nutritional facts and learn more about making healthy choices for your child.
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