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Halloween Treat Ideas That Won't Rot Any Teeth

5 Treats to Use for Halloween Goodie Bags


A picture of trick or treaters

When they show up will you give them that tricky candy or treat them to something special?

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Most Halloween treats bathe kids' teeth in sugar and leave parents scrambling to limit their children's Halloween treats. But you can still make trick or treaters happy without handing over a sugar-filled candy bar. Whether you're hosting a Halloween party for kids or getting ready to answer the doorbell for all of the trick or treaters on Halloween night, put these five treats in one goodie bag to give everyone something more memorable than a mouth full of cavities.

Halloween Treat Idea #1: Mini-Coloring Pages

This Halloween treat idea is cheap and easy. You can find coloring pages for everything online -- vegetables, letters, flags, weather and so much more.

Pick out three to five coloring pages you want to use in your Halloween goodie bag, reduce the size and print multiple mini coloring sheets on one page. For example, reducing a normal 8.5" x 11" picture of a scarecrow down to a 4" x 5" image allows you to print four copies of the picture on one page and leaves enough room for you to cut around it. Repeat for the other images, trim and place them in your goodie bag as a mini coloring book.

Coloring pages can be Halloween-themed if you're throwing a Halloween party ahead of the big night. If you're handing out your goodie bags on Halloween night, use fall coloring pages or Thanksgiving coloring pages instead. That way, if the kids don't get to the coloring pages for several days, they're not stuck with Halloween-related coloring pages when it's already November.

Halloween Treat Idea #2: Crayons

Now that you have your mini-coloring pages, give the kids a crayon or two in their goodie bag. You can buy a 96-pack of Crayola crayons for about $7. That's still a lot cheaper than a bag of candy.

Even if you give each child two crayons, that will cover 48 trick or treaters. If you're expecting a larger group, Crayola also offers a 120-pack of crayons. A smaller group can be covered with a 64 pack. (Compare prices on crayons.)

Want to save even more money? Hit the dollar stores for store brand crayons. Just check prices on bulk crayons like Crayola offers before you hit the dollar stores. With as many crayons as you need, if the dollar store doesn't offer large packs, you could end up paying more to buy smaller packs than you would if you went ahead and picked up the name brand.

Halloween Treat Idea #3: Stickers

A child who wouldn't eat broccoli would still wear an "I love broccoli sticker." Kids are sticker fanatics so you can't go wrong when you include stickers in your goodie bag.

Stickers are also economical. You can get 1,000 stickers for anywhere from $2 to $5 (compare prices). That's a lot of stickers per trick or treater.

Tip: Make Halloween treat bags that only have stickers and mini-coloring pages inside for trick or treaters who are three and under. If you add crayons, be sure to let the parents know so they can keep their little ones from sticking the crayons in their mouths.

Halloween Treat Idea #4: A Pencil

Kids love getting pencils. They don't have to be Halloween-themed either.

Do make it easy on yourself and buy pencils that work for boys and girls. That way, you won't have to divide your goodie bags by gender.

Spend some time online and you can find a couple dozen cute pencils for boys and girls that cost between $3 and $5. But if you want to save money, skip the pencil and add mini erasers as an alternative. For about $5, you can get close to 150 from Oriental Trading.

Halloween Treat Idea #5: A Glow Stick

Give trick or treaters glow sticks and you'll be the house they remember for the next year. Most kids will agree that glow sticks are much better than candy.

You can get six in a pack for about a $1 if you do some digging (compare prices). That comes out to roughly 16 cents per glow stick and will make your Halloween goodie bag the best treat kids get this Halloween.

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