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What is Trunk or Treat?


Question: What is Trunk or Treat?
Answer: Trunk or treat is a trick or treating alternative that churches usually organize as part of their children's ministries. The idea is for kids to go from car trunk to trunk instead of door to door.

Who Decorates the Vehicles for Trunk or Treat?

The people who decorate their vehicles for trunk or treat are usually church members. Each trunk is decorated in a specific theme.

One car may be decked out in fall colors. Another trunk may be decorated as the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. A truck may be sporting the local college team's colors.

People decorate their trunks in a variety of themes and many are families dressed in theme-related costumes. There's almost no limit to how you can decorate your trunk. Think of an idea and you can fit it into your trunk!

Also, most trunks are decorated with family-friendly entertainment in mind. Your little ones don't have to worry about blood and gore at trunk or treat events like you would trick or treating on Halloween night.

Who Can Go to Trunk or Treat?

Anyone can attend trunk or treat. You don't have to be a church member to bring your kids trunk or treating.

Is There a Cost to Get Into Trunk or Treat?

Admission to trunk or treat is usually free. On occasion, you will find some churches ask for a small donation.

However, if you prefer not to pay anything to attend a trunk or treat event, check for other trunk or treat events in your area. A vast majority don't charge any fees.

What Can I Expect at Trunk or Treat?

Lots of fun! You and your kids will walk from trunk to trunk to get goodies. It's just like Halloween night except it's more kid-friendly and safer.

Some vehicles will have festival games your kids can play for prizes. Others will simply hand out candy.

Many churches also offer free food at trunk or treat. You and your family can enjoy free sodas, chips and hot dogs.

Trunk or treat is usually held in the afternoon or early evening hours. Ideally, the event is over before dark.

How Can I Find a Trunk or Treat Event in My City?

Most churches hang banners on the church grounds weeks before the trunk or treat event. Some also advertise in newspapers and on TV.

When in doubt, call a church's office to ask about trunk or treat. If the church you call isn't holding an event this year, chances are, they know of another church that is participating.

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