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Halloween Ghost Lollipop Tree With Candy-Filled Pumpkins


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The Halloween Ghost and Pumpkin Tree
Lollipops and Round Candies Disguised as Ghosts and Pumpkins

Lollipops and Round Candies Disguised as Ghosts and Pumpkins

Photo © Apryl Duncan
Nothing screams Halloween like the ghost and pumpkin tree. Use it as a decoration on your front door, at a Halloween party or let the tree pass out candy to trick-or-treaters for you.

For a modified version of this project, decorate a large tree limb with the ghosts and pumpkins and then hang the limb over your door. You can also make one or more of the trees in your yard a living ghost and pumpkin tree. There's no limit on how big or small your tree can be!

This craft is easy to make and fun for the kids. However, it does require the use of scissors. Fingers could also come in contact with the sharp edges of the pipe cleaners. Adult supervision is required.

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