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Great Halloween Costumes for Families

12 Themed Ideas for Family Halloween Costumes


Great Halloween costumes put your family in fun roles together. Break out of the box to plan your family's costumes around one central theme.

1. Insects

A picture of a child in an insect costume
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Some six-legged creatures make us say, "Eek!" But not your family of insects. Butterfly, ladybug, bee and caterpillar costumes are the more friendly insects that don't creep most of us out. Dad might just make a cute cockroach or fly, though. Mom gets to be the bug catcher with a net, jar of bugs and a magnifying glass to inspect her newly-captured treasures.

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2. Walking Garden

A picture of a boy in a garden gnome costume
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Have the best looking garden in the neighborhood. It just happens to be your family of trick-or-treaters. Costume ideas for the kids include a garden gnome, flower and a tree. Mom can dress up as Mother Nature. Put dad in his dirty overalls and give him weeds for one hand and a watering can for the other. You're sure to win the Yard of the Month award!

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3. Farm Animals

A picture of a toddler in a lamb costume
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Go country with a farm animal theme. There are so many farm animals to choose from, including a pig, lamb, chicken, cow and horse. No farm is complete without mom as the farmer taking care of her animals and dad protecting the crops as a scarecrow.

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4. Safari

A picture of a baby in an elephant costume
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Send mom on an exotic adventure as a safari explorer. She might see a lion, giraffe, elephant and zebra on her trip. Make sure mom brings binoculars, a canteen and her camera along.

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5. A Family of Food

A picture of a baby in a hot dog costume
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Be a family feast! Think of a restaurant theme with a pizza slice, taco, hot dog or bacon and eggs costumes. Mom can serve up her favorite dishes as a waitress. Put dad in a doggy bag costume to bring home the leftovers. For the sweeter side of food, choose banana, grapes, strawberry, watermelon, cupcake or ice cream sundae costumes. From dinner to desserts, you'll be the most appetizing family on the block.

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6. Condiments

A picture of a child in a ketchup costume
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Add some flavor to Halloween. Be a family of condiments with salt, pepper, ketchup and mustard costumes. Family of five? Cut a hole in the center of a white flat sheet for dad's head. Fold the sheet in half. Sew the sides together or use fabric glue to seal the seams. Smear red and white paint all over the sheet, and pull it over dad so he can be a used napkin.

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7. Sports

A picture of a child in a football costume
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On Halloween, you're sure to find a variety of sports enthusiasts and athletes-in-the-making on your doorstep. Pick a sport for one of your kids to suit up as a player. Then add a cheerleader, referee and make dad the coach. For the ultimate game day experience, make a wearable tray by tying a large ribbon around a rectangular box. Slip it over mom's head so she can be a vendor hawking hot dogs to hungry sports fans.

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8. Holidays

A picture of a child in a turkey costume
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Bring the calendar to life. Dress each family member as a symbol from a holiday, such as the Easter Bunny, a firecracker, turkey and Christmas tree. Wouldn't dad make a great Baby New Year?

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9. Characters from Books, TV Shows and Movies

A picture of a child in a Cat in the Hat costume
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Turn the whole family into the cast of your kids' favorite book, TV show or movie. The Cat in the Hat, Harry Potter, Sesame Street, SpongeBob SquarePants, Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz and Toy Story are some of your many possibilities. Adult costumes are also available for many of these so mom can dress up as Big Bird or dad can go to infinity and beyond as Buzz Lightyear.

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10. Box of Crayons

A picture of a box of crayons
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Show off your artistic side as a family of crayons. Kids choose their crayon color, and one family member gets to be the crayon box. Scribble on banner paper, attach it to mom and you now have a life-sized coloring book.

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11. A Hollywood Dream

Give your budding star a taste of the Hollywood life. Glam her up as a celebrity. Of course, no celebrity's life would be complete without an invasion of privacy. Have an autograph-seeking fan follow her around. Attach fake greenery to mom and give her a camera so she can be a paparazzo hiding in the bushes. Dad can chase after your new celebrity as a reporter trying to get the exclusive interview with his microphone and video camera.

12. Reverse Family

It's every little kid's dream. Reverse your family roles for Halloween. Let the kids play parents and the parents play the kids. Use grown-up clothes from your closet for your children. If your kids are older, one of them can pull dad, who will be dressed up as a child, in a wagon for a change. Be sure you cram in lots of whining to stay true to your part. The kids can get in their fair share of parenting too. You might just get a time out.
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