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5 Chores Children Should Do Every Day


Give your children easy chores to do every day. Chores teach them about responsibility and teamwork while giving you a helping hand around the house.

1. Make the Bed

As soon as they wake up, children should make their beds. This chore should be part of everyone's morning routine. Regardless of your family's rush to get fed, dressed and off to school, making the bed should never be a chore anyone neglects. Start the day off right and let your children know chores aren't an option.

2. Pick Up Toys

Every parent knows what it's like to clean up toys just to find them all scattered about again 10 minutes later. Don't get caught in the toy trap. Children should pick up their toys every day. You can wait until the end of the day to ask your kids to clean up their toys or make it a rule that they put a toy away immediately after they're finished playing with it.

3. Tidy the Bathroom

It's amazing how big of a mess tiny people can leave. But you don't have to send your kids to scrub the toilet to get them to help out in the bathroom. They can at least straighten up the crooked towels they've used all day to dry their hands after potty breaks and wipe down any wet spots left on the bathroom counter.

4. Put Away Laundry

Mom knows all too well how little clothes end up in the floor and, if left there, how quickly they become a mountainous pile of laundry. Children should learn how to put their clothes in the laundry basket every day. They can also help on laundry day by sorting their clothes by color, folding them and putting the clothes away in their rooms.

5. Help with Mealtime

With three meals a day to prepare, moms can always use the hands that belong to some of the mouths she's feeding to help her out. This can be as simple as asking your kids to put the tub of butter back in the refrigerator after you're finished with it or handing you a measuring cup. Older children can also set and clear the table at mealtime.
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