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Kids' Chores

Easy Chores Kids Can Do to Help Out Around the House


A picture of a child loading the dishwasher

Loading the dishwasher is a chore kids can do to help out around the house.

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With all you have to do any given day, setting aside some chores for your kids is a great way to take some of the workload off of you. Kids' chores also teach them valuable lessons in responsibility at the same time. And if you're hearing those grumbles and groans when you mention the word "chores" to your children, make it a game to get your house clean in 20 minutes.

Delegate these easy kids' chores to get some extra help around the house:

Make the Bed

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to make everyone's beds? Teach your kids how to make the bed and take at least one bed off of your To-Do List.

Set the Table

Learning how to set the table is an important lesson for kids. It's also a good strategy for alleviating some of that chaos around mealtime when you're trying to get food ready, plated, served and, oh yeah, the table has to be set.

Clear the Table

Kids like to clear out when they're finished eating. But use all of those hands to clear the table instead. Once everyone's done with their plates, they should take their dishes and utensils to the kitchen counter or load them directly into the dishwasher.

Load and Unload the Dishwasher

The dishes usually end up as mom's problem but they don't have to be. Load and unload the breakable items as well as the sharp utensils yourself. Leave the rest for your helpers. Tell kids where the pots and pans go. Let them load the dirty spoons into the dishwasher. With a little instruction, your children will be able to load and unload the dishes by themselves in no time.

Clean Up Toys and Books

One of the easiest ways to get your kids involved in clean up is to have them put away the toys and books they've pulled out. Not only are you teaching them about the responsibility of helping around the house, children can also learn that they have to clean up after themselves.

Dust with Socks

Put some socks on your children's hands and they'll happily rub down every surface in your home. They won't consider dusting a chore. They'll think it's fun. And when they're finished with dusting, they can take off those dirty socks and move right into sorting the laundry.

Sort Laundry

For children just learning colors, sorting laundry is a fun, challenging game. It's also one you'll want to supervise so your red jacket doesn't end up in the wash with your white T-shirts.

Fold Laundry

Those massive piles of laundry shouldn't be left for mom to fold all by herself. Show your children how to fold their laundry. When they're finished folding, they can even put the clothes away themselves to free up even more of your time for the bigger chores in your house.

Put Away Groceries

Unload the grocery bags and allow your children to help put some of the items away for you. You'll probably want to get your hands on the bread and eggs before tiny hands do, but kids can work together to put away everything from canned goods to freezer foods.
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