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Mom Fuse

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Jessica is a mom to twins. She started her blog in October 2008.

Mom Blog Name:

Mom Fuse

Twitter Member Name:


Why Did You Begin Blogging:

I was bored, pregnant and on bedrest. I needed to find a way to not only get to know other moms and I was doing a lot of online searching to prepare for our upcoming twins and came up with the idea of Mom Fuse. The blog took off before I knew it and has become more popular than I had ever imagined.

Reason for Being a Stay-at-Home Mom:

One-year-old twins

Before Becoming a Stay-at-Home Mom:

I was an advertising representative for my local newspaper.

Most Rewarding Part of Being a SAHM:

Being able to experience those firsts.

Biggest Challenge You Face as a SAHM:

Managing everything!

Best Advice for Other Stay-at-Home Moms:

Stay calm, don't get too overloaded with work and take a little time out for yourself to recharge your batteries.

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