1. Parenting

Moms in the Spotlight

Some moms step away from dirty diapers and into the spotlight. From the mom who stars in a reality TV show to the mom who's best known for having 14 kids, these women are standing in the glaring spotlight while still making time to kiss boo-boos and read bedtime stories to their children.
  1. NBC's Parenthood (21)

TV Shows About Family
The airwaves are crowded with crime shows and reality TV stars. Whether you want to watch a comedy or drama, find current TV shows that center around family life.

Family Photo Gallery
Celebrate the life of moms in this family photo gallery. Moms also share their advice on everything from activities with the kids to conquering the challenges of motherhood.

CBS' The Talk Reviews
CBS' The Talk features 6 celebrity moms who hope you'll watch their show covering parenting issues and other hot topics. But what do you think of this daytime talk show? Write a review of CBS' The Talk.See submissions

Favorite and Least Favorite TV Families
NBC's Parenthood show has already picked up a loyal following. But what do you think about the show? Share your opinion and see what others have to say in these Parenthood show reviews.See submissions

10 Biggest Parenting Stories of 2011
In 2011, parents saw a variety of interesting topics in the spotlight. But these top 10 parenting stories of the year stood out, got parents buzzing and grabbed an international audience.

Most Outrageous Parenting News of 2010
The hot parenting news of 2010 gripped headlines and a national spotlight. But the top 10 list features the most outrageous, jaw-dropping, unbelievable but true parenting news stories of the year.

Food Network Star Melissa d'Arabian
The Next Food Network Star's Melissa d'Arabian went from your typical stay-at-home mom to a Food Network star with her own cooking show. Learn more about Melissa d'Arabian through her interview with About.com, her family photos and even her food.

First Lady Michelle Obama
Raised by her dad and stay-at-home mom, Michelle Obama has always made it clear her family comes first. Even on the campaign trail for her husband, she often flew home just to tuck her girls into bed.

Kate Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus 8
Katie Kreider met Jonathan Gosselin when they were 20 and 18, respectively. One marriage, eight kids, a reality TV show and a public divorce later has made Kate Gosselin a tabloid cover girl and a household name.

Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman
A woman with six kids became a hot media topic when she gave birth to eight more on January 26, 2009. The media tagged her as "Octomom" and that's how most people refer to her today.

High-Profile Moms in Photos
They may help run the country or they might entertain us in movies. These high-profile moms balance family life while living most moments with the world watching them.

Athletes Who Are Moms
They ski. They play hockey. They swim. This photo gallery shows some of the top athletes who continue to compete after they've become moms.

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