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Peter Krause as Adam Braverman

Parenthood Character Bio


Peter Krause portrays Adam Braverman on NBC's Parenthood

Peter Krause stars as Adam Braverman on NBC's Parenthood.

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Adam Braverman (Peter Krause) is the oldest of the Braverman kids. He's the one his siblings turn to when they need advice. While Adam seems confident and in control of his role as a son, brother, husband and dad, a challenge to his perfect family puts him through the ultimate test.

Adam Braverman's Family

Parenting Challenge

Adam is the father of a teenage daughter who's discovering boys, drugs and sex. As if teen angst isn't enough for parents to tackle, Adam's obsession with having a normal family is disrupted when his son Max is diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome.

Memorable Quotes from Adam Braverman

"The game's in an hour, Kristina. He has to go. I'm the coach."

"After the game, why don't we go have some ice cream? Double scoop. And by double scoop what I really mean is triple scoop."

"Maybe if we didn't allow him to wear a pirate costume to school, he would fit in a little bit better."

To his sister Julia, who's a working mom: "You don't have to choose between being a mom and having to work. You may not be there all the time. But the time you do have, you can make it count."

Sarah: "I thought you might be nervous"
Adam: "So you brought us coffee to calm us down."

Episodes Featuring Adam Braverman

Episode 1: Pilot
Adam's outburst at his son's baseball game gets him kicked out of the game, removed as coach of the team and booted from attending any future games. But that's the least of Adam's concerns. Daughter Haddie is picked up by the police with her cousin Amber, who was carrying marijuana. Later, Adam's wife tells him an educational therapist thinks their son may have Asperger's syndrome. Adam denies the possibility, at first, but quickly becomes troubled by his son's behavior. Full Episode Recap

Episode 2: Man Vs. Possum
Adam make it his personal mission to run off a possum. But he finds a bag of pot in his yard during his chase. He also comes to terms with Max's Asperger's syndrome diagnosis and makes the leap from trying to cure his son to accepting him. Adam has been fixated on getting Max to stop wearing his pirate costume. After talking to Max's behavioral therapist who tells the Bravermans they need to get into Max's world with him, Adam joins his son in the backyard dressed as a pirate himself. Full Episode Recap

Episode 3: The Deep End of the Pool
The Bravermans find a school that will be more accepting of and helpful to Max when he's kicked out of Sullivan Elementary for breaking the class aquarium. While concentrating on Max, Adam and Kristina miss daughter Haddie's soccer final. When Adam talks to Haddie after the game, she makes him realize his efforts to take care of Max have neglected Haddie's needs at the same time. Full Episode Recap

Episode 4: Whassup
Adam and Kristina discover Haddie has a secret boyfriend. When they hack into her computer, check out her Facebook page and meet the boyfriend's family, Haddie is horrified. Adam pulls her cell phone access, but the two later arrive at an unspoken acceptance when Haddie introduces her parents to her new beau. Full Episode Recap

Episode 5: The Situation
Adam spends time with Max and nephew Drew as they bond over baseball. Haddie's boyfriend Steve irks Adam and Kristina. Full Episode Recap

Episode 6: The Big "O"
Adam meets his son's new behavioral aide Gaby. At first, he wonders if her $30 an hour fee is worth it, but he changes his mind when Max asks a girl in the park to play. (Guest Star Minka Kelly) Full Episode Recap

Episode 7: What's Goin' On Down There?
Adam is struggling to balance his work/family life. He's pulled in 100 different directions and hurts Kristina's feelings when he refers to his life as a "schedule." All is fixed with an afternoon of surfing alone. (Guest Star Minka Kelly) Full Episode Recap

Episode 8: Rubber Band Ball
Adam goes on a road trip with his dad. He learns that an investment opportunity has more strings attached than simple advice because his dad is actually in financial trouble. Full Episode Recap

Episode 9: Perchance to Dream
Adam is in charge of the kids when Kristina goes back to work. He also helps his nephew Drew who wants girl advice. Full Episode Recap

Episode 10: Namaste No More
Adam and Kristina want to make some new friends. But the simple quest becomes a mission they can't seem to complete. Full Episode Recap

Episode 11: Solace
Zeek moves in with Adam and Kristina, and the chaos begins. Sarah tells Adam their dad had an affair. Full Episode Recap

Episode 12: Team Braverman
Adam helps raise money for autism. He also gets caught in the middle when his daughter Haddie has a big fight with cousin Amber. Full Episode Recap

Episode 13: Lost and Found
Adam helps Sarah search for her daughter. Full Episode Recap

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