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Money Matters

Our kids may think of money as a never-ending resource flowing from mommy's purse. For adults, "finances" can be an ugly word. But it doesn't have to be. Take charge of the money matters you encounter as a stay-at-home mom to make each dollar go as far as possible.
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How to Save Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom
Money saving moms don't have to be in the red to want to save some green. Try these money saving ideas for moms to stretch a paycheck without feeling a pinch in your routine.

Great Ways to Save Money
Saving money doesn't mean your family has to go without. Make some simple changes to your spending habits without depriving your family.

How to Save Money on Groceries
Save money on groceries with simple tips that reveal the secrets of smart shoppers. Start slashing your grocery bill today to save hundreds, even thousands, in the checkout line each year.

Organize Coupons
Save yourself time, money and hassle when you take charge of your coupons. Cut the clutter and organize your coupons so you can make the most of your savings.

Start Living on a Budget Today
Living on a budget helps you manage your money more effectively. But you don't have to scrimp and save every penny to make smart money decisions. Make living on a budget easy for you and your family while taking charge of your finances.

Free School Supplies
Free school supplies can save you from spending a small fortune on getting your child ready for school. But you have to know where to look to find the supplies that are 100% free.

How to Cut Kids' Hair
Cut your kids' hair yourself to save time and money. These tips and tricks will turn you into a hairmaster in your own home.

How to Lower Your Bills
Your mailbox fills up quickly with the monthly bills. But you could be paying much less than you do now with a few simple strategies to lower your bills.

How to Save on Utility Bills
Stop letting your hard-earned cash get sucked out the door. Lower your utility bills with quick and easy fixes.

How to Lower Your Cable Bill
Why overpay for cable? Cut the costs of cable and save your family's money.

Tips from Money-Saving Moms
A frugal mom is a master at stretching a budget. Frugal moms share their best money-saving tips to keep money in your pocket.

Do Stay-at-Home Moms Need a Life Insurance Policy?
A life insurance policy isn't just for the moneymaker in the house. Stay-at-home moms should consider a life insurance policy too. Find out why a paycheck isn't necessary to make a mom's loss impact the family financially.

Protect Your Kids With a Last Will and Testament
A last will and testament isn't just for the rich and famous. While it's not a pleasant subject for families to discuss, a last will and testament helps parents protect their children...just in case.

Should You Buy Life Insurance for Children?
There's an ongoing debate about whether parents should buy life insurance for children. But there are 5 good reasons you may want to insure all of your kids.

Save Money With Thrifty Thursday
Thrifty Thursday offers money-saving tips for parents each week. See the archive of money-saving tips and start pocketing more cash today.

Make Money as a Secret Shopper
A secret shopper is a powerful tool for businesses to see how well their shops are living up to the company's promises. Being a secret shopper is an easy job for stay-at-home moms because you can set your own hours and select your own opportunities. You can even take your kids with you!

Cut the Costs of Summer Camps for Kids
Summer camps for kids are a fun escape for them and an account-draining reality for parents. Affordable summer camps for kids are possible with simple tactics that give you more control over the price.

How to Find Phone Sex Employment
Many moms are turning to phone sex employment as a way to supplement their income. Learn more about this job you can do from home to see if it's right for you.

10 Most Popular Grocery Store Coupons Tips
Become a coupon queen to save money at the cash register. Maximize your savings with 10 simple grocery store coupon tips.

Saving Time and Money at the Grocery Store
Saving time and money? What a deal. All you need is some preparation and these pointers.

Save Money on Kids' Clothes
Kids outgrow their clothes too fast. Real moms share real advice on how you can save money on your kids' next wardrobe.

Save Money on Family Products
Everything from food to gifts can add up quickly if you're not careful. See how you can save money on family products all year long.

12 Reasons Budgeting Can Improve Your Life
You won't be committed to following a budget until you know exactly why you have one in the first place. Understand how a budget can really help your family.

Reduce Your Phone Bill
Call up your phone bill to dial down the costs. The high price of phone service just got disconnected from your daily budget.

Free Stuff for Children
Save money when you take advantage of the many freebies that are offered for your kids. Some of them are free for you too!

Finding Online Coupons
Online coupons can change the way you save money. But are you getting the best deal? Use your creativity to keep more money in your wallet.

Cut High Grocery Prices
High grocery prices can easily eat up your family budget. Combat those high prices and keep your money in your wallet.

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