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Great Ways to Save Money

10 Easy Costs to Slash from Your Budget


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Cut a few expenses and watch your piggy bank grow.

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There are great ways to save money without depriving your family. A few simple snips to your expenses and your family budget will soon fatten up your piggy bank.

Great Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Grocery stores are in a heated competition with each other and they are fighting for your business. This is good news for you. Find grocery coupons in unique places, create a shopping list that's always ready to go, make sure your pantry is stocked and save about $1,500 a year on store brands, to name a few. Between your calculator, some smart shopping and a time- and money-saving strategy, you can slash your grocery bills and stash the money in your piggy bank where it belongs.

Great Ways to Save Money on Restaurant Food

Sometimes mom needs a break from the kitchen or you're just out and about and the kids are demanding food. When you do sit down at a table where someone actually waits on you for a change or you pop into the drive-through for a quick fix, cut your costs with a second look at the menu. Sodas can cost $2 or more. Go for the free water instead. Kids' meals can cost close to an adult's meal. But when you price the meal's items individually, you may find that freebie toy included with the kids' meal isn't free after all. You'll also want to learn which restaurants offer kids' eat free deals. And, of course, it never hurts to have a bag of snacks or a homemade lunch ready to go so you're not miles from home when the kids' hunger pangs strike.

Great Ways to Save Money on Haircuts

Trim a huge portion of your expenses with a pair of scissors. Ditch your craft scissors and invest in a pair of scissors from a beauty store so you can cut your kids' hair in five easy steps. You'll become a hair-cutting pro in no time, at least in your own home. You can save hundreds of dollars each year too, depending on how many children you have.

Great Ways to Save Money on Household Expenses

It's easy to think you're locked into your monthly household expenses, such as the mortgage and the gas bill. But a few simple tweaks and you could save money on your mortgage and cut the costs of your utility bills. But the savings don't stop there. Easily lower your cell phone bills and reduce the costs of family entertainment.

Great Ways to Save Money at the Bank

Is your bank nickel and diming you for everything? Even if your bank offered you a free checking account or no ATM fees in the past, you may want to take a new look at your statement to make sure you're not getting charged now. Banks are hurting right now and, unfortunately, that means many costs are being passed on to you. However, there are still plenty of banks that offer free accounts and services. Shop around and you may find an even better deal at another bank. With a little investigating, you can save a lot of money on bank fees.

Great Ways to Save Money on Credit Card Costs

Credit is convenient when properly managed. But there are common credit card fees that can eat into that convenience of carrying plastic in your purse. One way to make credit cards work for you is through cash back rewards. If you tend to use your credit card a lot, you can earn cash back on each one of your purchases. Be sure you're not overusing your credit card just to earn rewards, though. You don't want your spending to get out of control.

Great Ways to Save Money on Video Games

Get cash for the pile of used video games that are collecting dust at your house. Turn this cash into a fresh collection of video games for your family to enjoy together. Instead of shelling out $40 or more for a brand new video game, buying used games from places like GameStop or eBay can save your family a small fortune.

Great Ways to Save Money on Books

Whether you're looking for a great read for your kids or yourself, the cost of books can quickly add up. Save money on books in the usual ways, such as using your library card and buying used. But also look for new opportunities to expand your family's reading habits with book swaps, free e-books and book rentals.

Great Ways to Save Money on Toys

You spent $20 on a toy that got played with once. We've all been there. Organize a toy swap to get rid of those unused toys while getting some new toys for your kids to play with at no cost. If you're just looking to try before you buy, new websites are popping up that allow you to rent toys at a low cost.

Great Ways to Save Money on Clothes

You deserve a new look. Your spouse gets new clothes for work. Your kids outgrow their wardrobe in a few months. A lot of your family's money is sewn up into the clothes all of you wear. Save money on clothes with a few simple strategies. And when the kids start to look like their clothes have shrunk, organize a clothing swap with other parents or take the clothes to a consignment shop to earn money for their new threads.
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