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Sarah Ramos as Haddie Braverman

Parenthood Character Bio


Sarah Ramos portrays 15-year-old Haddie Braverman on Parenthood

Sarah Ramos stars as Haddie Braverman on NBC's Parenthood

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Haddie Braverman (Sarah Ramos) is Adam and Kristina Braverman's daughter. She's your typical teenager who's exploring new situations that will challenge her parents.

Haddie Braverman's Family

Her Challenges

Haddie has always been the perfect daughter. But now she's starting to discover a new world that includes boys, sex and drugs.

Memorable Quotes from Haddie Braverman

"Bet it feels good that you trust your daughter."

"Umm, it was mine, the pot, it was mine."

"Sorry for not being the girl you thought I was."

"Ever since I can remember, it's been all about Max."

Episodes Featuring Haddie Braverman

Episode 1: Pilot
Haddie reluctantly invites her new-to-town cousin Amber to hang out with her friends. The two are busted for marijuana possession. Full Episode Recap

Episode 2: Man Vs. Possum
When Haddie's dad finds a bag of pot in the yard, her parents ask if it's hers. She denies it. Later, she interrupts her parents as they're struggling to get Max to go see a behavioral therapist to admit that she and a few friends chipped in to buy the marijuana. Full Episode Recap

Episode 3: The Deep End of the Pool
Haddie's soccer team is going to the finals. Her happiness is overshadowed when Max tells her he got kicked out of school. When he interviews at another school, Adam and Kristina forget Haddie's game. Haddie and Adam have a heart-to-heart talk that brings them both to tears when he realizes he hasn't always been there for her because they've been so focused on Max. Full Episode Recap

Episode 4: Whassup
When parents Kristina and Adam open Haddie's $220 cell phone bill, they get curious about the one phone number that's on the bill. Haddie's horrified when her parents hack into her computer and find out she's got a secret boyfriend. Haddie sneaks out, and Adam tracks her down. They have a huge fight but, at the family barbecue, Haddie shows up hand-in-hand with her new beau to introduce him to her parents. Full Episode Recap

Episode 5: The Situation
Haddie's boyfriend Steve rubs Adam and Kristina the wrong way. He's all hands and likes to call everyone by their first name, including Haddie's grandmother. Haddie's parents are thrilled when the teenage couple have a fight over a movie, but the lovebirds are back on the next day. Full Episode Recap

Episode 6: The Big "O"
Haddie's brother Max gets a new behavioral aide named Gaby. She seems to be fitting right in with the family. Full Episode Recap

Episode 7: What's Goin' On Down There?
Haddie spends career day at aunt Julia's law firm. When Haddie gushes over her aunt's job, Kristina tries to show her daughter the work accomplishments she made before becoming a stay-at-home mom. Full Episode Recap

Episode 8: Rubber Band Ball
Haddie's dad goes on a road trip with her grandfather. Her mom is helping Julia learn about Asperger's syndrome. Full Episode Recap

Episode 9: Perchance to Dream
Haddie's mom is going back to work, and her dad is left in charge...and he finds Haddie in a compromising position at her boyfriend's house. Full Episode Recap

Episode 10: Namaste No More
Haddie's boyfriend is pressuring her to have sex so she turns to cousin Amber for advice. She dumps Steve but he's not having any trouble moving on, which she doesn't know yet. Full Episode Recap

Episode 11: Solace
Amber betrays Haddie and is consumed with guilt. She later tells her cousin what happened. Full Episode Recap

Episode 12: Team Braverman
Amber and Haddie's feud gets physical, and the Braverman family is split when the truth is revealed about Amber's night with Steve. Full Episode Recap

Episode 13: Lost and Found
Haddie dyes her hair black for a change. She later reaches out to Amber to end their ongoing feud over Steve. Full Episode Recap

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