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Savannah Paige Rae as Sydney Graham

Parenthood Character Bio


Savannah Paige Rae portrays Sydney Graham on Parenthood

Savannah Paige Rae stars as Sydney Graham on NBC's Parenthood.

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Sydney Graham (Savannah Paige Rae) is five years old. She's an only child.

Sydney Graham's Family

Her Challenges

Sydney has an at-home parent and a working parent. But it's her dad who stays home while her mom works. Sydney's developed an attachment to her dad that makes her mom feel like she is losing touch with her daughter.

Memorable Quotes from Sydney Graham

Sydney: "Daddy, can you cut my meat?"
Julia: "I got it sweetie."
Sydney: "Well, daddy does it better.
Julia: "I'm right here sweetie."
Sydney: "I want daddy."

"You're drowning me!"

Episodes Featuring Sydney Graham

Episode 1: Pilot
Sydney prefers her dad to do little things for her, like cut her meat. This makes her mom Julia feel like Sydney doesn't appreciate the sacrifices she's making for her family. Full Episode Recap

Episode 2: Man Vs. Possum
Sydney's dad has a new friend: another at-home parent named Racquel. Sydney enjoys hanging out with her dad's friend and daughter Harmony but mom Julia isn't a big fan of Racquel's free spirit. Full Episode Recap

Episode 3: The Deep End of the Pool
Sydney and her dad take a swimming class. Julia's not impressed with what her daughter's learning so she decides to teach Sydney herself. But what results is a scene between Julia and Sydney unfolding right before the other parents. Full Episode Recap

Episode 4: Whassup
Joel and Julia need a babysitter for Sydney. When Sarah's daughter Amber is suggested, they reluctantly agree. But Sydney has a great time with her cousin. Full Episode Recap

Episode 5: The Situation
Sydney's mom wants her to stand up for herself. The plan doesn't go so well on the playground, though. Full Episode Recap

Episode 6: The Big "O"
Julia confronts Joel about stay-at-home mom Racquel. When he admits she hit on him, Julia says Sydney can no longer play with Racquel's daughter. She later changes her mind. Full Episode Recap

Episode 7: What's Goin' On Down There?
Sydney's mom begins to question her career path as a corporate attorney squashing small companies. Full Episode Recap

Episode 8: Rubber Band Ball
Syndey's obsession with a rubber band ball leads her parents to believe she has Asperger's syndrome like her cousin Max. They're relieved when she's found to be a gifted child instead. Full Episode Recap

Episode 9: Perchance to Dream
Julia wants to teach Sydney a lesson about lying when she suspects her daughter broke a vase. Full Episode Recap

Episode 10: Namaste No More
Sydney gets a new coach for her soccer team: mom Julia. Full Episode Recap

Episode 11: Solace
Sydney's dad isn't too happy when an old college boyfriend shows up to help her mom. Full Episode Recap

Episode 12: Team Braverman
Sydney's mom ends up on her school's Angel Committee, serving soup to a mom who's had breast augmentation surgery. Full Episode Recap

Episode 13: Lost and Found
Julia tries to help her dad's financial situation, but he won't listen. Full Episode Recap

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