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Craig T. Nelson as Zeek Braverman

Parenthood Character Bio


Craig T. Nelson portrays Zeek Braverman on NBC's Parenthood.

Craig T. Nelson stars as Zeek Braverman on NBC's Parenthood.

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Zeek is the head of the Braverman family. He and his wife Camille are having problems in their marriage that are somewhat hidden until you get to know them.

Zeek Braverman's Family

Parenting Challenge

Zeek is in the middle of his kids' lives. His approach to parenting differs from the way his grown children handle their children. He's more of an in your face, get over it type of guy.

Zeek's quick to offer advice and make demands, but he also adapts to his children's and grandchildren's needs. His gruff demeanor hides a soft side that's always ready to support his family. And they need it when son Adam helps his own child who's been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, daughter Sarah and her two teens move in with Zeek and Camille, daughter Julia begins to feel like she's missing out on her daughter's life and son Crosby meets the five-year-old son he didn't know he had.

Memorable Quotes from Zeek Braverman

Kristina: "You elbowed him in the face?"
Zeek: "He was in my zone."
Kristina: "Okay, he's 8."

Zeek: "So, you drove all the way from downtown to ask me this?"
Adam: "Could you just answer me?"
Zeek: "No, it's not my pot."

"I love how they call it automotive recycling. What's wrong with junk? Junk is an honest word."

Episodes Featuring Zeek Braverman

Episode 1: Pilot
Zeek shows his boisterous parenting style with grandson Max, which results in Zeek elbowing the boy in the nose while shooting hoops. He has a heart-to-heart talk with Adam when his son begins to accept that "there's something wrong" with Max. Full Episode Recap

Episode 2: Man Vs. Possum
Zeek wants bigger things for daughter Sarah than a dead-end bartending job. He encourages her to look for a job in advertising/PR and asks son Adam to pull a few strings to get her an interview. Full Episode Recap

Episode 3: The Deep End of the Pool
When Zeek spends time with daughter Sarah, she confronts him about the condoms he has in his desk drawer. He admits he and her mother Camille are having marital issues. Full Episode Recap

Episode 4: Whassup
Despite daughter Sarah's objections, Zeek talks to her son Drew about the time he's spending behind closed, locked doors doing the things that hormonal teenage boys do. Full Episode Recap

Episode 5: The Situation
Son Adam and grandson Max bond with Zeek's 14-year-old grandson Drew. Daughter Sarah gets to know Amber's high school English teacher better. Full Episode Recap

Episode 6: The Big "O"
Crosby tells Zeek and Camille he has a son. They get to meet their grandson for the first time. Full Episode Recap

Episode 7: What's Goin' On Down There?
Zeek's daughter Julia and daughter-in-law Kristina are wondering about their career paths. His son Adam is struggling to find time for family. Full Episode Recap

Episode 8: Rubber Band Ball
Zeek and son Adam go on a road trip to talk about an investment opportunity. Zeek admits he needs a bailout or he might lose the house. Full Episode Recap

Episode 9: Perchance to Dream
Zeek's son Adam has his hands full when Kristina goes back to work. Daughter Sarah may be changing her life. Full Episode Recap

Episode 10: Namaste No More
The Braverman kids subtly confront Zeek over the dinner table so he'll confess his financial troubles to their mom Camille. Full Episode Recap

Episode 11: Solace
Zeek becomes Adam's new house guest, but he's not the best visitor when he clashes with Adam and Kristina. Full Episode Recap

Episode 12: Team Braverman
Zeek finds out about his wife's one-night stand with her art teacher. Full Episode Recap

Episode 13: Lost and Found
Zeek tries desperately to win back his wife. Full Episode Recap

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