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Flashlight Games

5 Fun Games Kids can Play with Flashlights


A picture of kids playing flashlight games

Entertain the kids for hours with flashlight games.

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Flashlight games are nighttime activities kids love. Grab your flashlights. Get set. Play!

Flashlight Games: Capture the Firefly

Catch giant fireflies with the firefly game. These giant fireflies are actually kids. The rules are simple. One or more children designated as fireflies each get their own flashlight. They flash the light on the flashlight once about every 30 seconds while the other children who aren't fireflies try to capture them.

Flashlight Games: Tag

Flashlight tag is one of the oldest, best known and loved flashlight games. Think: tag and hide-and-seek in the dark. Flashlight tag's rules vary but the basic premise is one person is "it" and tries to spot his friends hiding in the dark using the flashlight.

Flashlight Games: Flashlight Pictures

What pictures will your kids create when they draw pictures with their flashlights? This fun game requires a camera capable of a long shutter speed and flashlights for your light source.

Flashlight Games: Shadow Charades

If your kids know how to play charades, then they're just about ready to play a game of shadow charades. It's the concept of shadow charades meets shadow puppets. A parent can tell each player which shadow charade he will be acting out. When it's his turn, he stands at a wall in the dark with a flashlight beamed at his hands. He tries to make shadow puppets on the wall that reflect the word he's been given. Players make their guesses.

Flashlight Games: Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun flashlight game for older children or you can adapt the rules for younger children by making game play easier. Everyone needs a flashlight to play or players can be split into teams with each team leader given a flashlight. Hide items around the house or outdoors like a typical scavenger hunt and provide clues along the way. When it's dark, let the kids use their flashlights to find their treasures.
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