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Parenting Magazines

The Top Magazines for Parents


The unstable magazine industry has caused many of our favorite parenting magazines to close their doors. With only a handful of quality parenting magazines left on the market and so little time for parents to actually sit down and read them, these top magazines are worth your subscription.

1. Parents Magazine

Parents Magazine is one of the most fun, informative parenting magazines on newsstands today. The magazine's first issue was published in October 1926 and, over 85 years later, it's still popular among parents. Each monthly issue takes on different parenting issues, such as feeding your kids, planning the perfect birthday party, making school fun and raising happy kids. If you can only pick one of the parenting magazines on this list, this should be your top choice.
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2. Parent & Child Magazine

There aren't any star-studded parenting magazines around anymore unless you read Scholastic's Parent & Child Magazine. Many celebrity parents have graced the cover, including the Obamas, Brooke Shields, Alyson Hannigan, Holly Robinson-Peete, Katherine Heigl and Christina Applegate. The magazine is only issued eight times per year but the pages include many useful parenting tips like building your community, family-friendly gardening, how to tell if your child is gifted and more.
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3. American Baby Magazine

American Baby is Parents Magazine's baby sister. The two are owned by the same publishing company so you can expect that American Baby also produces quality content in each monthly issue. You'll often find this magazine at your ob's office because it offers great tips during pregnancy as well as helpful advice for moms of newborns through the toddler years. Best of all, you can snag a year's subscription completely free.

4. KIWI Magazine

KIWI focuses on raising healthy families. The bi-monthly issues explore healthy eating, going green, eco crafts, green toys for kids, organic shopping tips and more. It's a very focused publication that doesn't try to cover a wide variety of parenting topics. Instead, this parenting magazine's goal is to reach parents who want to raise their children in the most natural environment as possible.

5. Family Fun Magazine

Family Fun is another sibling to Parents Magazine. This magazine focuses on activities you can enjoy with your family. It's published 10 times a year and provides timely advice like Fourth of July fun, winter activities and Valentine's Day party tips. Each issue also has other great activities that aren't just related to the season. For example, you might find ideas for creating an amazing playroom, having a great family movie night or making family dinners more special.
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6. Parenting Magazines That No Longer Exist

Many parenting magazines have been yanked from the newsstand over the years. Some of parents' previous favorites that are no longer in print include:
  • Babytalk Magazine
  • Cookie Magazine
  • Dads Magazine
  • Martha Stewart Baby
  • Mothering Magazine
  • Parenting Magazine
  • Wondertime
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