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How to Deal with Questions about Santa


If you're reading this, at least one of your kids has come to you with questions about Santa. How you deal with questions about Santa can make a huge difference in how she handles the truth.

Listen to Your Child

Figure out what she really knows. Is she just asking curious questions about Santa or has she figured it all out?

Listen to your child and follow her lead. Base what you say on how much she really knows. You can decide if it's time to confess or if you can make the magic last a little longer.

Read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Perhaps the most famous book about Santa Claus is 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Make reading the book together one of your family's Christmas traditions.

No matter how old we get, this classic always gets us excited about Christmas. See how your child reacts this year when you read it and, if her interest wanes, ask her to become the family's new storyteller by reading the book to her siblings. Often, taking on a new role will reinject her with Christmas enthusiasm.

Make Santa a Game

If it's time to move past gifts from Santa for your child, make Santa a game in your home. This is especially important if you want to keep the spirit of Santa alive for your other children. Enlist the help of your child and explain she can be a big help to you.

Have your child ring sleigh bells on Christmas Eve to simulate Santa's arrival. She can wrap presents from Santa for her siblings. She can also make sure she doesn't spill the beans to them while being a great support system welcoming them to the game when the younger children do find out.

Teach Them the Story of St. Nick

Turn the situation she finds upsetting into something positive. Teach her the true story of St. Nick.

Explain that St. Nick was a man who wanted to help others. Although he's gone now, we keep St. Nick alive through Santa to spread his message of good cheer and giving to kids of all ages.

Become Santa and Help Others

Learning about Santa can help her become Santa. Encourage her to dress up as Santa Claus and bring joy to others.

You can take her to visit children in the hospital, the elderly or simply go door to door with her in your neighborhood to wish people a Merry Christmas. What you're showing her is that the idea of Santa may be a jolly guy in a red and white suit but, truth is, there's a little bit of Santa in all of us.

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