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Resolutions for Moms

12 Resolutions for Parents


Skip the resolutions you made when you were a teenager. You're a mom now and, if you're going to set new goals for yourself, make resolutions for moms that will make you a stronger, healthier, happier woman.

1. Be Happy!

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Out of all of the resolutions for moms, the most important is to focus on your own happiness. That can be a real challenge when you're looking after your children, running them everywhere, getting food on the table and keeping the house clean. But you're the engine that keeps your family running and if you're not happy, your family isn't either. Take care of your emotional well-being and you'll be ready to tackle anything your days or your kids throw at you.

2. Turn Time with Your Family into Quality Time

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How much quality time are you spending with your family? Of course, you're spending time with them, although it probably never feels like it's enough. The quality time is what matters. Steal bits of time that really do make the difference, even though all of you are usually running in many different directions. Savor time together with 10 things to do as a family every day. You can't be with them every minute of every day but you can make those bits of time together quality time and that's what really matters.

3. Spend More Time with Your Spouse

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When you're so busy taking care of children, taking care of your marriage can easily become an afterthought. However, your relationship with your spouse is just as important and shouldn't be neglected. Balance your children and married life because a strong, healthy relationship with your spouse benefits the whole family. Plan date nights. Talk about your day. Sneak in a lunch without the kids. There are plenty of ways to make moments of time for each other that do count.

4. Make Time for You

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Don't make time for you an option. It's a must. You need mom time indulgences at home or out on the town to recharge your mom meter. How do you find pockets of time you can't possibly imagine you have? Take a look at time management just for moms to start picking out those minutes here and there that can add up to an hour or more you didn't know you could block off just for yourself. With these newly-discovered pieces of time, it's now up to you to do a better job of taking care of yourself instead of devoting almost all of your time to others.

5. Get in Shape

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If you're thinking it's time to work off the baby weight from too many years ago to count, you'll like 12 of the best workouts for women. From Zumba to spin class, there are numerous ways to lose weight that are right for you. Crank up your iPod with the hottest workout songs to move, shake and see results so your kids won't have a squishy mommy anymore.

6. Save Your Family's Money

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Saving money is one of the most popular resolutions. It's one parents know all too well as we strive to stretch every penny of a paycheck. Setting a family budget is easy, though, and the smart money decisions you make along the way can help fund everything from your children's college funds to those family vacations without putting the squeeze on your bank account. If you're unsure of where to get started, the grocery store is the easiest first step. Organize your coupons and get ready to save money on groceries with 12 tips the grocery store doesn't want you to know.

7. Make New Mom Friends

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We often focus our efforts on helping our kids meet new friends. It's something we should be doing for ourselves too. Make great mom friends who understand what you're going through every day because they're living it too. It doesn't matter if you're a SAHM, she's a WAHM or a working mom. Build lifetime friendships with other moms and arrange play dates, host girls' night in ideas or even go on girls' weekend getaways just for the moms to nurture yourself and the friendships.

8. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

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Your newborn's probably not ready to pull his weight around the house. Surprise, your toddler can, though. This is the year you start delegating more and stop doing every single thing yourself. Those extra hands can help make the bed, set the table and a number of other easy chores kids should do every day to help out. Toddlers can put socks on their hands and dust tabletops. Kids who are big enough to pull out their toys can help put them back. There are so many kids' chores that will teach them valuable lessons in responsibility while lending you a helping hand around the house.

9. Get Organized

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Don't wait until spring to get motivated to clean up. Do it now with the new year, new attitude mindset. Organize your home, including your bedroom and your children's, the kitchen, playroom, bathroom, garage, home office and more. Donate toys your kids are no longer using to worthy places who can put them to good use. Organize your housekeeping tasks so you're not constantly carrying around a feather duster and vacuum cleaner. Even organize your photos so you don't have to sift through folder after folder on your computer just to find that picture you took of little Suzie at the playground with an ice cream cone stuck in her hair. It's simple. Just organize your life to live clutter free.

10. Cover Your Employment Gap

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If you're a stay-at-home mom, you'll have a gaping hole in your resume when you're ready to re-enter the workforce. There are 6 easy ways to fill your employment gap. You'll keep your skillset sharp and your resume fresh at the same time. Even if you don't plan to go back to work ever or anytime soon, it's a good idea to fill that hole in your resume just in case. It's also a nice breather for you to get a mini-break from diapers and tantrums so you can play with people your own age.

11. Handle the Important Essentials

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It's not a pleasant subject. But it's one every parent should address. If you haven't done so already, there's no better time than right now to protect your kids with a last will and testament. Whether you stay home with your kids or you're a working mom, your last will and testament will cover everything from who will take care of your children to how you want them to be educated. While you're approaching such an important subject, also take a look at why you need a life insurance policy. Again, it doesn't matter if you're a stay-at-home mom or a working mom, you'll want to investigate life insurance policies to take care of the many things you provide for your family, child care that will be necessary if the unthinkable happens, your children's education expenses, their inheritance and more. Lastly, look into buying life insurance for your children to see if it's right for you. Handle the essentials now so you can rest easy.

12. Stop Trying to Be Perfect

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You're not perfect. Say it with me: "I am not perfect." And that's okay. No one wants to admit she's not SuperMom, able to fold laundry blindfolded, diffuse sibling spats in a single breath, change a diaper with her arms tied behind her back and have red carpet coiffed hair 24/7. We do try and sometimes come pretty close, though. Stop trying to be perfect because it can often lead to you not feeling like you're doing a good job as a mom. Let it go and realize there are many parenting struggles you don't have to win. Put away your SuperMom cape and just be SuperYou. You'll be just fine and so will the kids.
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