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Valentine's Day Activities for Kids


Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about romance. Let your children celebrate the love they have for their friends and family with these Valentine's Day activities just for kids.

Have a Party

A picture of a Valentine's Day party
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What would Valentine's Day be without a party for the kids? Whether you want to throw a classroom Valentine party or host a Valentine party at home, a party is a great way to honor friendships, exchange Valentine's cards and even nibble on some festive foods.

Make Valentine Cards

A picture of a Valentine's Day card
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What do kids love more than getting cards for Valentine's Day? Making them! Show your kids how to create their own pop-up Valentine's cards or other fun Valentine's cards. They're easy to make, so cute and a lot cheaper than a boring box of Valentine's Day cards you can buy at the store.

Play Valentine's Day Games

A picture of boys playing Valentine's Day games
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Try your hand at "Valentine's Day Matchmaker." Play a game of "Catch My Heart." There are so many Valentine-related games kids can play together. The good news for parents? None of them require kissing or stolen moments in a closet!

Create Valentine's Day Crafts

A picture of a Valentine's Day craft
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Valentine's Day is full of fun crafts for kids of all ages. Projects like the "I Ruff You" Foam Dog made entirely of foam hearts and the "I Love You" photo collage are unique gifts no one else can create but your kids. From heart crafts to Valentine stamping projects, there's a craft activity for anyone who likes to paint, color or create virtually anything.

Bake and Cook Valentine Recipes

A picture of a girl baking cookies
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It's simply not Valentine's Day if you don't cook or bake some heart-shaped recipes on the big day. Spending time with your kids adding pink sprinkles to cookies or even making heart-shaped pizza for dinner will make the holiday one your kids won't soon forget.

Get Dads in on the Game

A picture of a father daughter dance
Photo © USAG-Humphreys / Flickr
Valentine's Day is especially sweet for fathers and daughters. Hide paper hearts around the house with beautiful messages written on them. Make a box of memories you both have shared. Simply leave a card next to her cereal before breakfast. Look for Valentine's Day father/daughter dances to attend. Dads, it doesn't take but a few minutes of your time to make her entire day special. Just get inspired from what other dads enjoy doing for their daughters.

Watch a Valentine's Day Movie

A picture of a family watching a movie
Photo © David Buffington / Getty Images
Don't go to the movies on Valentine's Day when you can have the full movie theater experience at home. Complete with a concession stand and an usher to show you to your seats, your home movie theater is much more interesting than your typical movie theater. Now all that's left to do is snuggle up on the couch and watch the best Valentine's Day movies for families.

Print Fun Word Games

A picture of a child writing
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Valentine's Day printables are a great way to get kids to settle down after a long day of partying, playing games and baking in the kitchen. Free printables include a Valentine's Day word search, vocabulary sheet, crossword puzzle, coloring pages and more.
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