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If only you could browse, buy and test all of the products available for your busy family and hectic life as a stay-at-home mom. From products that save your time and sanity to toys that keep your children happy, these reviews break down product pros and cons before you spend your family's hard-earned cash.
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Cloth Diapers Reviews
Cloth diapering just got easier. Whether you're new to cloth diapering or you're looking to add different brands to your stash. Read in-depth product reviews to see which ones you should add to your diaper rotation and which ones you should avoid entirely.

Gazillion Bubbles
Do your kids love bubbles? If they would love about a gazillion of them flying around, see if the Gazillion Bubble Machine is a good investment for your family.

Built NY Tote
Looking for a drink tote to attach to your children's lunch boxes? The Built NY tote has pros and cons to consider before purchasing.

Summer Infant Day and Night Handheld Color Video Monitor
With so many video monitors on the market, it's hard to know which one will work best for your home. This review of the Summer Infant Day and Night Handheld Color Video Monitor shows you how this monitor has stood up to 5 years of use.

Kids' Sunscreen Reviews
Read kids' sunscreen reviews from families who've used the products that claim to protect your children from the sun. Find out if the sunscreen worked, how it feels on skin and other pros and cons of the product. See submissions

Kiss Nails Review

Photo Studio Reviews
Taking your kids to get their portraits made can be stressful if you don't choose the right photo studio or you get a photographer who's not good with children. Parents share their photo studio reviews and you're welcome to submit your own too. See submissions

Blueberry Diapers Review
The world of cloth diapering can be scary to newcomers who aren't sure what type of diaper to buy or even if cloth diapering is right for them. See how Blueberry Diapers stand up to months of daily use and other essentials you need to know before you buy.

Best Bottom Diapers Review
In this in-depth product review, Best Bottom diapers are put through the strains of daily use. Find out if the cloth diapering system is worth your family's money.

Thirsties Diapers Review
Ask your circle of mom friends about their favorite cloth diapers and Thirsties will surely come up. After rigorous testing, find out how this diaper stood up to its competition in this product review.

Kids' Meal Toys
The promise of a toy makes some children beg for a kids' meal at a fast food restaurant. But are those toys really worth it? Parents share reviews of the toys their children have received in kids' meals. See submissions

Rumparooz Diapers Review
The Rumparooz diaper has a unique feature that makes it different from other cloth diapers. See if this cloth diapering option is right for you in a product review that puts this diaper to the test.

Stephen Joseph Backpacks
Stephen Joseph backpacks are cute but are they worth the money? See how one of these backpacks has stood up to almost 5 years of use.

Kids Backpacks
Is that backpack you're thinking about buying going to stand the test of time or will you have to replace it in a few months? Parents recommend backpacks that are working for their families and they also share the ones that aren't.

InStep Quick N EZ Bike Trailer
Hauling the kids around in a bike trailer gives you some exercise and gets all of you out of the house. The InStep Quick N EZ Bike Trailer is an affordable option with many features, including a quick conversion to a double stroller.

Matthew Van Fleet Books
Matthew Van Fleet is a New York Times bestselling children's book author who engages his readers through interactive pages. See a complete list of his books as well as full descriptions of each one.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Froggy Friend Potty
How your child reacts to her new potty chair can make a huge difference in how quickly she'll accept her new role as a potty trainer. Decide if the Precious Planet Froggy Friend potty chair should be your child's first potty with this review of pros and cons.

Why ... THANK YOU! by Cat Wagman
Everyone loves getting gifts. It's writing thank you cards for them that we hate. Why ... THANK YOU! helps you craft a thank you note for every gift and occasion.

The Snack-Trap promises no messes when your child feeds himself. Although it's not completely spill proof, the Snack-Trap's benefits make life easier for moms who are tired of having a hand full of cereal or crackers all the time.

Cat by Matthew Van Fleet
Pre-readers who want to get involved with books are in for a treat with Cat by Matthew Van Fleet. The book isn't just 20 pages of words you read to your child, there's plenty of interactivity that will engage both of you to make story time even more special.

Dog by Matthew Van Fleet
If your children like dogs, they'll love Dog by Matthew Van Fleet. Between the cute, furry faces and interactive tabs, Dog is a book you can begin reading when your kids are babies.

Alphabet by Matthew Van Fleet
Learn animal names, feel new textures and make some of them bounce, shake or eat in Alphabet by Matthew Van Fleet. The book is filled with beautiful illustrations of animals and interactivity on every page.

Zumba Fitness Exhilarate DVDs
Dance off the baby weight. This 7-DVD set undergoes an extensive review, complete with calories burned, dance styles and more.

Zumba Class Review
Zumba classes have quickly become a popular way to get in some physical activity. Is this class right for you? Experience four different Zumba classes in one in-depth review.

Ten Dollar Dinners by Melissa d'Arabian
The host of Ten Dollar Dinners brings her money-saving meals to a new cookbook. Food Network's Melissa d'Arabian shares 140 recipes in her new Ten Dollar Dinners cookbook.

FuzziBunz Diapers Review
Talk to cloth diapering moms and FuzziBunz will come up in your conversation. The well-known diaper is put to the test over several months of everyday use for this review.

Happy Heinys Review
With so many cloth diapering options, it's hard to know which one will work best for you without investing in every diaper brand first. In this product review, take a look at the cloth diaper that came out on top when tested at home against several of the leading cloth diaper brands.

GroVia Diapers Review
GroVia is a unique cloth diaper because the Hybrid gives parents the choice of using soaker pads or biodegrable inserts. Learn more about this diaper in an in-depth review that puts the product to the test.

Moo by Matthew Van Fleet
Moo by Matthew Van Fleet is another one of his fun books that encourages kids to push, pull and feel textures. It's unlike his other books in many ways, though.

Elf on the Shelf Review
The Elf on the Shelf craze is a fun addition to your Christmas celebration. But this elf and the story behind him isn't for every family. Learn the pros and cons of The Elf on the Shelf in this review to see if this is a tradition you would like to start with your family.

Zumba 30 Minute Burn and Amazing Abs
Zumba's 30 Minute Burn and Amazing Abs combo features two workouts on one DVD.This full review shows you what to expect, including calories burned.

Zumba Step Featuring the Zumba Rizer
The new Zumba Rizer promises to give you incredible results with a circular step. See if the Zumba Rizer and the Zumba Step DVD live up to expectations.

Zumba Super Cardio Dance Party Featuring Cardio Burst Intervals
Zumba's Super Cardio Dance Party amps up your workout. Find out how many calories you'll burn in this in-depth review.

Zumba Quick Start + 20 Minute Express
Moms are always short on time. Zumba's 20 Minute Express will burn off calories in a short amount of time. See how many in this complete review.

Zumba Incredible Results
Zumba Incredible Results introduces fans to the Zumba Rizer and a whole new set of DVD workouts. See how many calories you'll burn and if this DVD set is really worth your money.

The Full Guide to a Zumba Workout
Everything you need to know about Zumba classes, DVDs and becoming an instructor is all in one place. Find out what you need to know to join the Zumba craze.

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