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Rumparooz Diapers Review

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A picture of the Rumparooz diaper

Rumparooz is a pricey diaper, but the quality and inner leg gussets make it worth the investment.

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Rumparooz is a cloth diaper like no other. It's the only brand to have inner gussets to keep the messes inside the diaper where they belong. Although it's one of the more expensive diapers on the market, the quality is worth the extra few dollars you'll pay.

Pros of Rumparooz One Size Diapers

  • Four diaper sizes in one

  • Cute color combinations and prints

  • Durable diapers that stand up to the rigors of daily use, washing and drying

  • Easy to stuff the microterry insert into the pocket diaper

  • Snaps or Aplix closure options

Cons of Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diapers

  • The pocket opening is lower than most other brands, which means a really dirty diaper may end up covering the opening.

  • Microfiber insert sometimes gets stuck inside the diaper, making it hard to shake the insert loose into the washing machine. Many times, you have to stick your hand inside the pocket to get the insert out.

  • Only has a 30-day warranty, where some competitors have a one year warranty

Rumparooz Diaper Inserts

Each diaper comes with two microterry inserts. One insert is smaller and contoured. The other is larger and snaps for a custom-size fit.

I use the smaller insert for my 1 year old during the day. For naps and bedtime, I double up on the inserts. Even with the inserts doubled, baby doesn't feel bulky. Yet, the inserts are very absorbent and keep baby dry.

Rumparooz Diapers

Rumparooz offers three diapering options. The Lil Joeys are an all-in-one diaper for newborns up to 12 pounds. Diaper covers are available as newborn and one size fittings. The Rumparooz G2 One Size Diapers are pocket diapers that cover your baby from 6.5 pounds to 35+ pounds.

For this review, we'll take a look at the Rumparooz G2 One Size Diaper. The one size pocket diapers give you four sizes in one with the adustable snap rise.

What makes Rumparooz stand out from its competitors is the double inner leg gussets. These inner gussets are sewn about an inch inside the diaper. You have two gussets wrapping around baby to keep those messes contained.

The gussets are soft against baby's skin and are covered with the same microchamois that lines the diaper. The microchamois is thick and feels like a blanket.

It's hard to tell when baby wets the diaper because the moisture is wicked away from the skin. Baby feels just as dry as when you put the clean diaper on him.

The biggest drawback of this diaper is the pocket opening's placement. Most cloth diaper brands leave the opening at the very back edge of the diaper.

The Rumparooz G2 One Size Diapers opening is about one inch lower and is inside the diaper. If you end up with a really messy diaper, you can have some of that mess covering your pocket opening. This makes it very tricky to get the insert out.

Another downside to the Rumparooz diapering system is the price. FuzziBunz will run you about $16-19. Happy Heinys costs less than $20. Each Rumparooz diaper costs about $25. That's a significant difference in price when you need to build your diaper stash.

Rumparooz Diapers Wash and Care

I wash my Rumparooz Diapers daily. I dry them on low heat. There haven't been any problems of leakage or the diaper breaking down due to being used so often and dried in the dryer.

The official washing instructions ask you to run a cold pre-wash. Then you add 1/4 cup of additive-free detergent in a hot wash/cold rinse cycle. Tumble dry on low or line dry.

Tips for Buying Rumparooz Diapers

  1. You can't buy Rumparooz diapers directly from the manufacturer's website. Do check the website for a list of authorized retailers, though. Many only have online stores but offer free shipping, clearance items and special sales.

  2. Comparison shop between several sites. Sometimes Amazon.com has the best deal on a certain color. Sometimes one of the online only retailers listed on the manufacturer's website has a better deal. The savings can be a few dollars or more.

  3. Buy one Rumparooz diaper to try before committing to more. If this diaper isn't for you, you won't have to deal with the hassle of returning more than one.
Disclaimer: A Rumparooz G2 One Size diaper was purchased for review from an online retailer. Total cost was $25.50.
User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Rumparooz, Member Britt_kel

I've used Rumparooz and Fuzzibunz diapers. The fuzzibuns I got as a gift at my baby shower and it has leaked everytime I put it on my little girl. Rumparooz are the brand I wanted after reading an article in a parenting magazine titled, ""The diaper road trip."" It was given an A+ rating. I started out with the pocket diapers and love them. My little girl is long and skinny (90th percentile in height and 15-25th percentile in weight) and they fit her amazingly in most places, but she does end up with extra room in the belly (the diaper covers have elastic around the belly and I don't have that problem). The inner gussets hold in all the mess in the pocket diaper. We recently purchased their diaper covers, as well. They are more wallet friendly and if she tinkles in them all we have to do is get any tinkle out and wipe it dry which means less laundry for me. The covers dry a lot faster, but the pocket diapers take the win for ease of use. Plus, the pocket diapers' inner gussets go the full length of the bottom and work better than the gussets in the diaper covers where the inner gussets only go part way around the legs. I use the pocket diapers for night time use and they are amazing! I double them and don't have to change them until morning (she usually only tinkles at night) and when she wakes up her bottom will be less red than when she went to bed. I bought reusable liners for when she has diaper rash and needs A&D on her bottom so it doesn't hurt the absorbancy of the diaper at all. If you use the covers I suggest green mountain diaper prefolds (cloth-eez). I bought them in the large size and fold them to fit. Oh, I have zero problems with the insert opening being where it is. I pull back the opening and grab it by the unsoiled corner. You will need to wash your hands regardless and a little tinkle never hurt anyone!

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