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Wouldn't it be great if kids came with a manual and a toll-free hotline to guide you through their childhood? Until they do, this is the place to find the answers you need to raise your children.
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10 Things to Do as a Family Every Day
Families are pulled in so many different directions these days. But there are 10 things to do as a family every day to strengthen your bond and make the most of your time together.

Make the Most of Family Time
You feel like you're constantly with your kids but you also feel like you don't spend enough quality time with them. Make the most of your family time with these five easy steps.

Great Playdates Guide
Playdates let your kids meet new friends and give you some much-needed alone time with other moms. From attending to hosting, become a playdate pro overnight with these tips.

Host a Perfect Play Date
Host a play date that's fun for everyone and easy on you. Plan your play date in 10 simple steps that reduce your stress and guarantee your play date is a success.

Play Date Tips for Parents
Follow easy play date tips to ensure your child has a safe and happy time at a friend's house. Just ask these five questions of your play date host before you arrive.

Help Your Kids Make New Friends
We all have those special friendships from childhood that we cherish. Help your kids make new friends so they can have the same experience.

Charity Events for Children and Their Parents
Helping others is an activity the whole family can do together. Finding age-appropriate charity events will get your kids excited about working hard for a worthy organization while having fun.

How Animals Help Families
Pets have their place in families large and small. Understand the benefits of bring a furry family member into your home.

Benefits of Pets
Thinking of bringing a pet into your home? See what other pet parents say about having a family pet or share your own story with others.

The First Trip to the Dentist
Take away the fear of going to the dentist. These exercises make going to the dentist fun.

Candid Pictures of Kids
Candid pictures capture the moment as it really happened. Share your candid pictures of kids and see what other families have submitted.

How to Choose a Family Pet
Avoid the heartache of picking a family pet that's incompatible with you and your kids. Whether you're considering a four-legged friend or eight-legged crawler, weigh these 10 factors before making a final decision.

Sending Kids' Thank You Notes
Help your kids show their appreciation. Teach them how to send thank you notes, even if they're too young to write.

Best Parenting Tips
No one said raising children is easy. Most of the time you feel like you're in it by yourself. But sometimes you receive some of the best parenting tips from unlikely sources.

Funny Things Kids Say and Do
Did your daughter get her head stuck in the toilet? Does your son have his own way of pronouncing the word truck that sounds sort of obscene?

Family Pets Showcase
You and your kids are considering many family pets. But which one is right for your home? Pet parents share their experiences with their own family pets so you can learn about the next family member you bring into your home... See submissions

Silly Kids' Words and Actions
Kids always keep us guessing on what they'll say or do next. What are some of the hilarious things your own kids say and do? Share your stories.

Play Date Tips from Other Parents
Playdates can be fun for kids and adults or they can be a major headache you never want to experience again. Get tips for hosting great playdates...

Play Date Ideas
Make your play dates memorable. These play date ideas get your play date out of the house.

Head to the Kids' Hair Salon
Children can be as scared of the hair salon as they are getting shots at the doctor's office. Ease their fears so they will look forward to getting their hair cut.

Anaphylactic Shock Stories
Reactions to peanuts, allergy, gluten and even fire ants have led to children going into anaphylactic shock. These are their stories. Print them to inform your child's care givers how serious the situation is to protect your kids.

Should Nuts and Other Food Allergens Be Banned from Schools?
There's a danger lurking in schools that's causing a heated debate among parents. Should certain foods be banned from schools?

Ideas for Easy Kids Lunches
Looking for easy kids' lunches for school or at home? Parents exchange their lunch ideas that the kids gobble up.

Morning Madness Tips for Getting Kids Up and Ready
Sunshine's not always a welcome greeting for kids. Avoid the morning madness to get them up and out the door with ease.

Bedtime Routines for Preschoolers
A preschooler's life is filled with chaos. A bedtime routine is a relaxing constant that soothes them into a good night's sleep.

A Bedtime Routine That Works
Help your child fall asleep fast. This list of Dos and Don'ts shows you how to establish a bedtime routine for your kids.

Arranging Play Dates for Your Children
Let your kids burn off some energy with a play date. Learn how to schedule a fun play date in 10 easy steps.

Helping Your Child Have a Great First Day of Preschool
The first day of preschool is hard on you and your child. Know what to expect before the big day to help ease fears and make the transition a smooth one.

Cutting Back to School Stress
Three words most kids don't like to hear are, "Back to school!" Cut back to school stress and prepare them for the upcoming school year.

Teach Kids Table Manners
Table manners are skills your children can use throughout their lives. Teach your kids table manners with these simple tips.

How to Make Kids' Thank You Cards Special
Teach your kids how to create memorable thank you cards. A few extra touches make every thank you card special.

Raise Thankful Kids
Every parent wants their kids to be thankful. Raise thankful kids who appreciate everything and everyone around them.

How to Get Children to Share
Getting children to share is tough when they feel like everything is theirs and if anyone touches their stuff the world is going to come to an end. Teach your kids to happily share with their siblings and friends.

5 Parenting Struggles You Don't Have to Win
Parenting is like a battleground. While you and your kids are usually on the same team, some parenting struggles pit you against each other. You want to win them all but some you should just forfeit to the other side.

Play Date Ideas
Play dates can be stressful for everyone when they should be a great source of fun. Get play date ideas that ensure play date success.

Spend Time with Your Kids
Make the time you spend with your kids count. Maximize that quality time with your kids no matter what your day holds.

Fun Ways to Teach Kids to Wash Their Hands
Struggling to get your kids to wash their hands? Make hand washing fun so children don't see it as a chore.

Worst Parenting Advice
Everyone has an opinion when it comes to raising children. And people have no qualms about inflicting their advice on perfect strangers.

Flu Guide
Stay away germs. Use this comprehensive flu guide to help protect your family during flu season.

Tornado Safety for Kids
Homes, cars and other stuff can be replaced. Your kids can't. Talk to them about how to stay safe should they ever be in a hurricane's path.

How to Conquer Your Child's Fear of the Dark
There's a monster under my bed! Fear of the dark makes bedtime a continual struggle between you and your child. Help her overcome her fear of the dark so everyone can get some rest.

How to Make Your Kids Feel Special
Your kids know they're special, right? With all of our many responsibilities, we often overlook the most simple ways to make our kids feel special.

Books for Kids Afraid of the Dark
Being afraid of the dark is one of the most common fears children have. Read one or more of these books together to help them sleep better at night without being afraid.

Is Your Child Ready for a Sleepover?
Sleepovers can be so much fun for kids. But they have to be ready emotionally and physically. Find out if your child is ready for her first sleepover.

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