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Mom's Day Out



Mom's Day Out, also known as Mother's Day Out or Parent's Day Out


Mom's Day Out is a program providing affordable child care to parents of children not yet in school. MDO is designed around a mom's need to take time out for herself by placing her child in an environment where he learns social skills, prepares for school and has fun.

Age Range:

Each facilty sets its own age requirements. Many accept newborns at least six weeks old and children up to age four. Some Mom's Day Out programs accept children between the ages of five and eight in the summer.


  • Children have supervised, structured play
  • Most teach your children manners, ABCs, writing and other school preparatory skills
  • You have around four hours per day of time for yourself
  • Flexible for your shedule
  • Enrollment can be one day a week or up to five
  • MDO is usually church-run but does not require church membership


Each Mom's Day Out program sets its own prices but many are less expensive than traditional daycares or preschools.

Finding a Mom's Day Out:

Unfortunately, there is no parent Mom's Day Out organization that lists programs available in your area. To find a MDO program, ask your pediatrician, school teachers, search online or ask other moms you meet. There may be several in your city so asking for personal experiences and making a visit to each location will help you make your decision.
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