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2014 Massachusetts Sales Tax Holiday

Back-to-School Savings Through the Massachusetts Sales Tax Holiday


The 2014 Massachusetts sales tax holiday gives shoppers flexible spending options with most items costing under $2,500 eligible for the tax break. Dollar limits set are per item.

Neighboring state Connecticut also offers a sales tax holiday with different dates and rules for back-to-school shoppers.

Massachusetts Sales Tax Holiday Dates for 2014

A picture of a family shopping for school supplies during a sales tax holiday.
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Lawmakers are currently debating the 2014 Massachusetts sales tax holiday dates. It's been proposed for August 9-10, 2014, or August 16-17, 2014. Once the official dates are announced, they will be updated here.

Items Exempt from the 2014 Massachusetts Sales Tax Holiday

Each item must cost under $2,500 to be free from sales tax. No sales tax on clothing will be applied unless the article of clothing costs more than $175. All items must be purchased for personal use only to be eligible for the sales tax holiday.

Items that do not qualify to be free from tax include:
  • Cars
  • Telecommunications services
  • Bundled items costing more than $2,500
  • Layaway sales
  • Rain checks
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