1. Parenting

Your Stay-at-Home Support Network

The value of friends, family and caregivers is immeasurable to a stay-at-home mom. Establishing a support network to help you care for your children and manage your household helps you be a happier, healthier SAHM.

Find Child Care Help That's Right for Your Family
Even if you can't bear to be apart from your kids for one minute, there will come a day when you need child care help. From everyday options to temporary solutions in the summer, get child care help that fits your budget and your schedule.

Start Your Own Sitters Cooperative
Stop paying for sitters. Form a babysitting cooperative to exchange sitter services with other parents without paying a dime.

Is Mom's Day Out Right for You?
Mom's Day Out can give you a much-needed break as a stay-at-home mom. Get past the guilt and your fears to find out if Mother's Day Out is right for you and your children.

Child Care Resources
Choosing child care is a big decision. Know your options so you can make the right choice for your family.

Where to Meet Other Moms
Stay-at-home moms need support from their mom friends. Find out the best places to meet other moms like yourself.

Share Your Girls' Night In Ideas
Recharge your mom batteries with girls night ideas that help you rejuvenate, relax and reconnect with your girlfriends. Find girls night ideas for your next get-together and share your own ideas for an unforgettable girls night.

What is Mom's Day Out?
Moms need a day out away from the kids and that's why Mom's Day Out programs in your area may be a good choice. Find out more about Mom's Day Out programs and their purpose.

What is a Babysitting Co-Op?
A babysitting co-op, or babysitting cooperative, is free childcare for your children. Find or start a babysitting co-op to trade time as a babysitter with other parents.

Basics of a Babysitting Cooperative
Parents have been enjoying free child care through babysitting cooperatives for so long, their kids are now parents. Form your own babysitting coop to take advantage of free child care and grow a support network with other parents who exchange babysitting services at no cost.

Rules for a Babysitting Cooperative
Establishing rules for a babysitting cooperative helps parents know the guidelines before they drop their children off or watch someone else's kids. Develop a solid set of ground rules for your babysitting cooperative to be safe and successful.

Paying Babysitters in a Babysitting Cooperative
Babysitters in a babysitting cooperative will gladly watch your children for tickets, tokens, play money or points. Decide on your coop's currency and how many credits to give members with simple tips that describe each type of payment system.

5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Grandparents Babysit
Grandparents love to babysit and then turn your kids back over to you when they're finished. Before you have your children's grandparents babysit, follow these rules to ensure a happy visit for them and a worry-free outing for you.

10 Things Grandparent Babysitters Want Parents to Know
Grandparents are usually great choices as babysitters. They know your children. They love them. They don't cost money. Before you drop your children off, grandparents have some rules they want you to follow.

Selecting Child Care
From relatives to daycare centers, explore the many options available for child care. Pros and cons of each type help you decide the type of scenario that's a good fit for your family.

6 Ways to Find Free Child Care
You won't leave your children with just anyone. But you can find alternatives that give you a break while having others keep trusting eyes on your kids.

Questions to Ask a Potential Babysitter
Just who is that person taking care of your child? These 25 questions help you ask the right questions when searching for a babysitter.

Interviewing a Babysitter
Interviewing a babysitter can be nerve-wracking. Be prepared for your interview, whether you're hiring a teenage babysitter or an adult caregiver.

Safety Tips for Selecting a Babysitter
Don't step out of the house with your new babysitter in charge of the little ones inside until you're confident you've hired a good person. Make the right choice and follow a checklist to keep your kids safe while you're away.

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