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Twitter Family Updates

Tweet Your Children's Day in 140 Characters or Less


Family and friends are scattered around the country but they want to be a part of your kids' lives. Bring your children's day to them 140 characters at a time through Twitter.

Here's how to make the most out of your family tweets:

  • If you're already a mom on Twitter, open a second account just for family updates. Keeping the two accounts separate concentrates your children's tweets on them.

  • Write in your child's voice. Family and friends will love hearing what your children are up to from their point of view. This is especially entertaining if your kids are too young to type.

  • Be creative. Find the humor in your children's antics. Your tweets can convey your chaotic life and the humor in every situation. Sample tweets might be, "I've decided sleep is optional" or "I learned my ABCs and 123s today. Next up: geometry."

  • Tweet a few times a day. When your baby takes her first steps, don't run to your computer to update the Twitter page. Enjoy the moment. Set a cap on how many times you'll provide updates throughout the day so you're not taking extra time away from your family.

  • Older children can type their own updates. Just be sure they follow the privacy rule. Teach them that Twitter is not like writing an email to grandma and that your household's online safety rules are in effect.

  • Protect your personal information. You can protect your updates on Twitter so only invited family and friends can read what you have to say. The downside is they will all have to sign up for Twitter accounts and login to see your updates. What you can do instead is make sure you don't reference your children by name. Anyone can visit your Twitter page and read your updates but you'll be keeping your privacy safe.
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