1. Parenting

Taking Time for Yourself as a Stay-at-Home Mom

You're the last person on your list of people to take care of but you're the foundation of your family. Rejuvenate yourself with some well-deserved "me time" to be your best as a wife, mother and friend.
  1. Emotional Health (12)

Stop Being a Bored Mom
It's okay to admit it. Sometimes being a stay-at-home mom can make you feel a bit bored. Beat those boredom blues.

Activities for Moms
Mom needs to have fun too. These activities for moms help you get the most out of your day, whether you're with your family or spending some time alone.

Girls' Night In Ideas
Girls' Night In isn't just for single gals. Bring the fun of Girls' Night Out to your home with these Girls' Night In ideas.

Creative Hobbies for Moms
Escape to your creative outlet. These hobbies help the daily stress melt away.

Girls' Weekend Getaways
Temporarily escape your obligations. Enjoy some me-time with your girlfriends during a weekend excursion to one of ten hot spots made for moms who need a break.

Build Lifetime Friendships With Other Moms
The competition among moms has destroyed many friendships. Keep the peace and form long-lasting friendships.

When Mom is Sick
Moms are the well-oiled machines that keep families running. But when mom is sick, she may feel like coming to a screeching halt even though the kids don't. Find the best ways to entertain kids when mom is too sick to play.

Budget Beauty Tips for Moms
Feel like a million bucks for under $20. These budget beauty tips for moms give you five-star treatment without the high cost.

Best Workouts for Women
Take time for yourself and get in shape at the same time. Find the best exercise program that fits into your busy schedule.

25 Songs for Your Workout Playlist
Work off that weight with a butt-busting workout playlist. These 25 motivational songs for moms don't include The Alphabet Song or Itsy, Bitsy Spider!

Fun Exercises for Moms
Exercising should be fun, not another chore you have to do. The good news is, your kids can be a great example on how you can have fun exercising.

Share Your Favorite Workout Songs
Add some flavor to your exercise routine with good workout songs that will make you sweat. Readers recommend their favorite workout songs they think you should download to your iPod to maximize your workout.

Spin Class for Moms
Spin class is a great way for moms to change up their workouts. Whether you're trying to get rid of that leftover pregnancy weight or want to get fit so you can keep up with your kids, see if spin class is right for your personality and fitness goals.

Great Fitness Classes for Moms
Shape up and sweat out some stress at the same time. Choose a fitness class that's perfect for moms.

Exercise Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms
Make a few changes to your normal routine to make big changes to your waistline. See how exercise can be a priority in your busy life.

How to Do a 5-Minute Updo
Bad hair day begone! A 5-minute updo gives you an elegant look without much effort. A perfect hairstyle for dancing with your toddler around the house or dancing with your spouse at a party.

6 Strategies to Get You Dressed Well on the Run
No time to shop for yourself? Get dressed well fast without looking like a walking fashion disaster.

Perfect Skin Dos and Don'ts
Moms frown. We scold. We furrow our brows. Slow down the aging process with this guide to perfect skin.

Look Good Without a Lot of Time or Money
There's hardly room in your day to take care of hair and makeup. But moms can still look good without investing a lot of time and money.

Time for Me - Find Time for Me
Time for me doesn't have to be something you only dream about anymore. Busy parents talk about their favorite ways to pamper themselves when they get a moment alone.

Personal Hygiene Tips for Busy Moms
Don't feel like taking a shower today? Try personal hygiene tips for busy moms for those times in between showers.

Classes for Women
Take time for yourself to learn something new. From classes that can improve your family life to classes that are just for fun, scroll through 12 classes every woman should take to pick a few that are right for you.

Alone Time
Alone time is vital for a mom's happiness. These creative ways help you find some alone time every day.

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