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Turn Your Recipes into a Ready-to-Go Grocery Shopping List

Save Time and Money With a Grocery Shopping List from Your Favorite Recipes


Grocery Shopping List

A Grocery Shopping List That's Always Ready

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You rounded up the kids. You have the car keys in hand. Time for the weekly grocery shopping.

But wait.

Does grandma's famous meatloaf recipe call for rosemary or sage leaves? And is it one pound of lean ground sirloin or one and a half pounds of ground chuck?

Certain meals end up on your menu regularly. A mom's life is hectic enough without having to dig through cookbooks and recipe boxes each week to make the same old grocery shopping list. Save time and money when you create a list that's always ready to go.

All you need is a small notebook or spiral-bound index cards. Write the title of the recipe, the needed ingredients and their amounts. One recipe per page.

You don't have to write the entire recipe because you simply want an easy reference to use while you're at the store. You want to be able to find the ingredients quickly when you're standing in the grocery aisle eyeing the store's sales and keeping track of what the kids are sneaking into the shopping cart.

Slip the notebook into your purse and leave it there. Every time you shop, you'll have all of the ingredients you need for your family's recipes without having to scribble out the same list over and over every week.

Another advantage of having your list of ingredients with you is that you can save money when the store discounts your staples. You weren't planning on cooking beef stew this week, but with stew meat 50% off, you can't afford to miss out on the deal.

Whip out your notebook to see how much stew meat your recipe requires. If the deal is good enough, you can double up on the recipe to freeze half of it for another time. You'll know exactly how much you need because you always have a ready-to-go grocery shopping list right in your purse.

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