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Time Management for Moms


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What's Eating into Your Schedule?
Time Management for Moms
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Feel like you never have enough "me" time? Are the dirty diapers, constant cooking and loads of laundry ruling your life? Be a great mom without having to pack your entire schedule so full that you never have any downtime for yourself.

The Time Management for Moms Ecourse is specially designed for busy moms. Work through the course over the next several pages starting below or sign up for the weekly email lessons to pace yourself as you complete each time-saving exercise. Either way, you'll become the master of your minutes without having to constantly look at the clock.

Start banking your time. The first step is to see what's making the clock spin uncontrollably from one day to the next.

Track Time Wasters

Where does the time go? Start tracking your time to find out what exactly is eating both small and large chunks out of your day. Use a simple approach to identify those time-hungry activities you may not even realize are munching into your minutes.

Time for You = A Happier Mom

Once you track your time wasters, you can make simple changes to your routine. This opens your schedule up for more "me" time. More time for you equals a happier, healthier mom. Boost your emotional well-being with several ideas to make the most of your newly discovered free time.
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